SPRITE_UNUSED_GUY (gfx/sprites/unused_guy.png) == OLDMANY (OBJDATA/OLDMANY.DAT).

OBJDATA/SOUTHM.DAT was a sprite with a horned helmet, possibly meant for the South region-city in the prototype world map before Johto.

Some other unused graphics in OBJDATA/*.DAT, such as EGG.DAT, were already known from the Space World '97 leaked ROMs.

Pokédex Data

Both of these Pokémon kept their previous species' footprints in the final games. They were updated in Gen 4.

Pokémon Base Data

The unknown values in data/pokemon/base_stats/*.asm are identified from COMMON.DMG and Monstbl.dat.

Disasm Name Original Name Disasm Value Original Value Details
BASE_UNKNOWN_1 MONS_SEISYOKU db 100 ; unknown 1 ; ポケモン卵の誕生成功率 Birth success rate of Pokémon eggs
BASE_UNKNOWN_2 MONS_NATSUKI db 5 ; unknown 2 ; なつき度初期値 Initial friendship value (this was db 70 at the time of Space World '97, which is the final default happiness value)

Overworld Maps

Disasm Name Original Name Disasm File Original File Details
ENVIRONMENT_5 pimg_SHIP constants/map_data_constants.asm IMG_TYPE.DEF Shows day/night colors. Can't use Fly, Teleport, Dig, Escape Rope, or Bicycle. Appropriate for a ship deck.

Map Events

Some map events have unused filler bytes that were originally meant for some function.

Disasm Code Original Name Disasm File Original File Details
db 0, 0 ; filler dw 00h maps/*.asm *.SXY Two unused bytes in map scripts. (No hint as to what they were for.)
dw 0 ; filler SceneOBJList macros/scripts/maps.asm event.h Two unused bytes in scene_scripts.
db 0 ; filler PosEventPatCode ; イベント種別コード macros/scripts/maps.asm event.h An unused byte in coord_events.
dw 0 ; filler PosEventWork ; (予備) macros/scripts/maps.asm event.h Two unused bytes in coord_events.

object_events do not have any filler bytes, but they do have some unused associated values.

Disasm Name Original Name Disasm File Original File Details
OBJECTTYPE_3 OTYPE_MONS ; ポケモンとバトル constants/script_constants.asm SXYSYM.H "Battle with Pokémon"; meant for overworld Pokémon like Lugia and Ho-Oh.
OBJECTTYPE_4 OTYPE_CAPSULE ; ボールに入ったポケモン入手 constants/script_constants.asm SXYSYM.H "Get Pokémon in a ball"; possibly meant for the three starter balls, or free Pokémon like Gen 1's Eevee.
OBJECTTYPE_5 OTYPE_TRADE ; ポケモン交換 constants/script_constants.asm SXYSYM.H "Pokémon exchange"; meant for NPCs who just run the trade command.
OBJECTTYPE_6 OTYPE_SHOP ; お店 constants/script_constants.asm SXYSYM.H "Shop"; meant for Poké Mart clerks, who just run the pokemart command.

Event Flags

Some unused event flags in constants/event_constants.asm have equivalents in SCRIPTS/SAVEFLAG.DEF.

Disasm Name Original Name Original Comment Translation Details
EVENT_016 FE_HIDEN07_00000000_01 ;秘伝マシン07を手に入れた(たきのぼり)##d39r0101 "I got the secret machine 07 (Waterfall) ##d39r0101" HM07 uses the itemball event EVENT_GOT_HM07_WATERFALL instead.
EVENT_03B FE_TUBOGET_r36_01 ;蜜の壷をもらった "I got a Honey Pot" The Honey Pot feature was removed.
EVENT_03C FE_BOY_r36_01 ;少年と話した "Talked to a boy"
EVENT_081 FE_HIDEITEM_d18r0102_01 ;隠しアイテム「ハイパーボール」 "Hidden item 'Ultra Ball'" Burned Tower B1F had these hidden items in G/S.
EVENT_082 FE_HIDEITEM_d18r0102_02 ;隠しアイテム「やけどなおし」 "Hidden item 'Burn Heal'"
EVENT_083 FE_HIDEITEM_d18r0102_03 ;隠しアイテム「きんのたま」 "Hidden item 'Nugget'"
EVENT_29F FS_SWITCH_d37_01 ;シャッターのスイッチ "Shutter switch" Was this used in G/S?
EVENT_33F FS_GIRLSTOP_t25r1201_01 ;女の子ストッパー移動したフラグ "Girl stopper moving flag" T25R1201.EV is the PokéCom Center; was this the Trade Corner attendant?
EVENT_430 FT_DORO04 ;********保留******** "Reserved" Originally for beating a removed Burglar.
EVENT_4DE FT_MAIKO01 ;********保留******** "Reserved" Originally for beating an unused Kimono Girl.
EVENT_6F2 FV_MOUNT09_r45_01 ;タロウ(忙しい電話登録キャラ "Tarō (busy phone registration character)" Could have been related to Blackbelt Kenji on Route 45, whose rematches must occur from 12 PM to 1 PM when he isn't training.

Engine Flags

Disasm Name Original Name Disasm File Original File Details
ENGINE_15 EvBit_MasakiFriendly constants/engine_flags.asm EVENT.DMG Masaki is Bill; this may have been replaced by getting his phone number from his little sister in Goldenrod.
STATUSFLAGS2_UNUSED_5_F MASAKI_FRIEND_BIT constants/wram_constants.asm EVENT.DMG This bit is in scenario_status, or wStatusFlags2 in pokecrystal.
ENGINE_4F EvBit_SpTelRequest constants/engine_flags.asm EVENT.DMG Possibly replaced by the specialcall script command.
STATUSFLAGS2_UNUSED_3_F SP_TEL_REQ_BIT constants/wram_constants.asm EVENT.DMG This bit is in scenario_status, or wStatusFlags2 in pokecrystal.
ENGINE_62 EvBit_OpenNameCardFolder constants/engine_flags.asm EVENT.DMG This is part of the Name Card feature for the Mobile GB Adapter in Japanese Crystal.
GAMETIMERPAUSE_MOBILE_7_F PASSWORD_BIT constants/wram_constants.asm EVENT.DMG This bit is in obs_player, or wGameTimerPause in pokecrystal.

SGB Colors