This site is for documenting prototype information about the pokecrystal disassembly project.

All the constants, labels, and comments in pokecrystal were created from reverse-engineering the official Crystal ROM, with some information filled in from the Gold and Silver ROMs, as well as the Space World '97 prototype demo ROMs. The code and data has all been disassembled from scratch.

However, this leaves some parts of the disassembly undocumented. UNUSED constants, Unreferenced labels, missing data, dummied-out subroutines, and other inexplicable corners of the code just can't be fully understood from the ROM itself.

That's the goal of this site: to explain those last few pieces of the project, by referencing the original source code for GSC.

If you contribute to the pokecrystal project, then don't incorporate any of this information into it. It's "bad data". =P

If you still want to have some mysteries of pokecrystal explained, then continue.

(There's also some information about Gen 3.)

To keep track of just what happened when—the SW97 leaks in 2018, the Capumon asset leak in 2019, successive leaks of entire source code in 2020, plus the official material and unofficial fan work that led up to it—I've put together a timeline of the "gigaleaks".