Game Freak has released tidbits of information about their prototypes and betas in the decades since Pokémon first began around 1989 as "Capsule Monsters", or "Capumon". Fans have also discovered undocumented data in the games through exploiting glitches, reverse-engineering, and dumping ROMs. And over the past few years, leaks from Nintendo's 2018 server breach have revealed a lot more. There have also been rumors, mistakes, and lies, sometimes with good intentions. By now the internet has eliminated the "playground rumors" from early Pokémon, and the initial drama of the leaks has settled. I've started this timeline of relevant events to document just how our available information about Pokémon has expanded from all of those sources.

(Much of the original discussion from when these events occurred is no longer available. 4chan posts naturally disappear, with only some being archived; Discord servers like /ppg/ and TCRF have reorganized or gone dark; and internal discussion among the involved parties was never public in the first place. Everything here is put together from what's still publicly available, with some references to things that no longer are so. In short, don't expect doxxing or reveals of people "hoarding" anything.)

Development timelines and further analysis:


What's "Capumon"? What are "betas"?

"Capsule Monsters", or Capumon, was the original name for Satoshi Tajiri's game idea that became Pokémon. Game Freak has kept many of their early design documents from that period, and occasionally we've seen glimpses of them in interviews or official publications. Some Capumon material has been known for years before the "gigaleaks" even got started.

Probably the most popular early designs are for the actual Pokémon creatures; aka drafts, prototypes, scrapped or "beta" designs. There were over 190 initial designs, of which 151 became the Gen 1 Pokémon. Gen 2 also had "several hundred" designs (reusing some from the Gen 1 rejects) before settling on 100 more. Gen 3 and 4 also had some revised and unused Pokémon, although Game Freak may have refined their process by then, so designs wouldn't have much implemented without being finalized.

Where are these leaks coming from?

In March 2018, Zammis Clark (aka wack0, Riley, Raylee, slipstream, RoL/Ring of Lightning, Stackout, or __) hacked into Nintendo's internal network (having previously breached Vtech and Microsoft) and acquired gigabytes (if not terabytes) of material, much of it related to Pokémon. He shared different pieces of the material with people he knew from "scene" groups and research communities like Video Game Preservation Collective (VGPC) and Glitch City Labs (GCL), but did not reveal how he had acquired them.

He was arrested and sentenced by March 2019 to 15 months in prison (suspended) and five years of probation. It was not publicly known right away that this hack was the source of various leaked content, but some people closer to him knew and did not want more to leak too much or too quickly, to avoid further legal consequences to him or themselves.

Who's Team Spaceworld? What data did they have?

On May 26, 2018 wack0, as "__", publicly posted the Space World '97 demo ROMs of a prototype Gen 2, but in a link that expired after 20 downloads. Many of the people who got the ROMs, including Ganix, formed Team Spaceworld as a private group to study the ROMs and ultimately release them with a translation and documentation.

Some more data was shared in the TSW Discord by __ and Ganix: Blue and Yellow debug ROMs, a patch for a Crystal debug ROM (CRYSTAL_DEBUG.ips), original Crystal symbols (CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM, analyzed to create symmaps.png), and screenshots of more (debug Gold and Silver ROMs, a prototype Pearl ROM, an internal Game Boy manual with hardware details). All of this (except some pictures with personal information) was leaked on 4chan as on March 18, 2020; the reaction prompted TSW to archive their Discord logs.

Some TSW members also privately shared other data: Gen 2 debug ROMs and related metadata. This was also leaked on 4chan as on April 11, 2020.

Who's Helix Chamber? What data did they have?

On May 16, 2018 James Turner tweeted some images from the just-published manga "A Man Who Made Pokémon: Satoshi Tajiri" that showed some early Pokémon designs. Helix Chamber formed to investigate as much as possible about that sort of early-development material.

Shortly thereafter, Ganix contacted them to share some material he had acquired from wack0: assets from the Gen 1 source code. (They claim that he was only willing to share interpreted assets, not the source code, but Helix Chamber knew that he had the complete source and discussed some information from it with him not present in the assets, and also helped him to create images from binary data.) Helix Chamber collaborated with Ganix to make playable ROMs showcasing those assets along with fan-made art and text to fill in the gaps, like the missing front sprites and Pokédex entries; for this Ganix used the original source code, not the pret disassemblies.

The "Pokémon Green" ROM was shown at Pokéthon 2019, as an alternative to the still-untranslated Space World '97 demo. After the stream finished, Helix Chamber released the assets used to make it (but nothing that would imply they had source code, like debug code or internal comments about a "Pokémon Pink"). Ganix, as "Mura", later released the ROM on 4chan (with some further updates and bugfixes), apologizing for how controversial it had been at Pokéthon and saying he had planned to personally explain it on-stream. Pokéthon removed their Twitch video clips of the stream.

Who's Ganix? What data did he have?

Ganix (aka KernelEquinox, Cryo, or Mura) was a member of Glitch City Labs who knew wack0. On March 13, 2018, he acquired the Gen 1 source code, Gen 4 source code, CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM, internal GB manual.bmp, and possibly more: he may only have had screenshots from wack0 of Pokémon Ranger debug ROMs, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon debug ROMs, or other material, or he may have had the actual materials but only shared screenshots. He was also at least aware of a Gen 5 debug ROM, although not even screenshots have leaked of that.

Over time he shared some of the material privately or publicly in interpreted or redacted form, such as debug Blue and Yellow ROMs, reconstructed Gen 1 assets as .png and .txt files, a debug Crystal patch, a debug Diamond ROM, and Gen 4 back sprites; and also sometimes shared screenshots hinting at this content without the content itself (which is all he may have had himself).

On December 18, 2019 a friend of his publicly leaked the sprites he had extracted from Gen 4 source code, and doxxed him on 4chan. After the ensuing discussion, he published a "Clarification on Recent Events" explaining his involvement with wack0, Team Spaceworld, and Helix Chamber, and claiming "I have nothing else in my possession, and I've shown everything I did have."

On March 28, 2020 people on 4chan noticed a post from March 18 that leaked Blue and Yellow debug ROMs, CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM, and screenshots of more material (including a prototype Pokémon Pearl ROM, a Game Boy emulator, and an internal GB manual). Ganix complained that the leak had come from Team Spaceworld, posted screenshots wack0 had sent him of what else he had (more views of the Pearl ROM and debug ROMs of FR/LG, Mystery Dungeon, and Ranger), claimed it was all deleted, and went private. Since then everything he had hinted at (and much more) has been anonymously leaked.

What are the "Gigaleaks"?

After the Team Spaceworld leaks, more material was gradually leaked on 4chan that nobody in TSW or Helix Chamber was known to have: the Gen 1 source code on April 11 (albeit for Blue and Yellow, not Red and Green); the Gen 2 source code on April 24; the Gen 3 source code on May 18 (albeit not for Emerald); the Diamond and Pearl source code on May 23; and various non-Pokémon leaks related to the DSi, 3DS, Wii, and iQue Player throughout April and May.

On July 24, 2020, a massive leak was posted that became known as the "Gigaleak", containing complete version-control history for the Diamond and Pearl source code, and ROMs and source code for many SNES and GBC games and hardware unrelated to Pokémon. The next day, July 25, was the "Gigaleak 2", containing source code for many N64 and GBA games.

Since then there have been even further leaks of source code for Emerald, Platinum, Sun/Moon, and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon; debug ROMs of Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon Ranger, Let's Go Eevee, and Sword; unreleased GB and GBC ROMs including Pokémon Picross; and various other development tools and non-Pokémon material.

Is more data being "hoarded"?

In general the "warez scene" is underground, since their acquisition, cracking, and leaking of intellectual property can be illegal. That means people may keep things private, share them partially, or share them with stipulations about who else can have access. Things may be kept under wraps for a while, or redacted before releasing them, to obscure and protect the source. The scene is a community, with its own culture, standards, rules, and politics; someone who immediately made public everything they had would not continue to have connections within the scene and would stop getting things to make public.

In this case, everything specific that we're aware anyone got from wack0's hack has been leaked. There's source code and debug ROMs for Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 7; debug ROMs for X, Let's Go Eevee, Sword, Mystery Dungeon and Ranger; internal tools like a Game Boy emulator, Gen 2 sprite compressor (VPACKSUB.C), Gen 3 event viewer (pokeviewer), and Gen 4 event distribution creator (DPDeliver); information about Nintendo's handheld and console hardware; even unexpected things like Pokémon Picross.

Some hoped-for things like the front sprites of unused Gen 1 designs may not exist in digital form at all, and definitely weren't in what wack0 got. Source code or debug ROMs for HG/SS, Gen 5, or Gen 6 have not yet been leaked (except for debug X/Y ROMs). The only material known to exist that hasn't leaked yet from what wack0 acquired is the Gen 5 debug ROM alluded to by Ganix.


Game Freak/Capumon TPC/Nintendo Mew Festa/Gen 3 pret dis­assemblies
Space­world/TSW Helix Chamber 4chan /vp/ wack0 Ganix GCL Other
Origins: From Capumon to Pokémon
1983-03-20 Taji Corp is founded by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. They self-publish volume 1 of the video game magazine Game Freak.
1989-04-21 Game Boy released in Japan.
1989-04-26 GAME FREAK inc. is founded by Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, and Junichi Masuda.
1989-07-31 Game Boy released in North America.
1995-12-01 "New Game Design: Come and See Video Game Ideas!" is released: a book by Satoshi Tajiri with many overworld sprites on the cover, including some early Pokémon ones, as well as illustrations like an early SGB border.
1996-02-27 Pokémon Red and Green released in Japan.
1996-04-05 Family Computer magazine (aka Famimaga) 1996 No. 7 publishes a reader's discovery of one kind of Select glitch, a versatile glitch technique which, in its specific second type glitch variant, could even have been used to first discover Mew (as discussed by Kakeru on 2018-09-30).
1996-04-15 CoroCoro Comic publishes a "Legendary Pokémon Offer", requesting postcard applications for a chance to be one of 20 players to receive a Mew from Shigeki Morimoto. This was the first official way to get a Mew, suggested by Satoshi Tajiri since rumors were spreading about Mew from glitches.
1996-05-20 Kouichi Hiwasa posts a summary of his glitch research on Usenet's, including how to use the Select glitch to create a Mew. (His "Pokémon Resume" discusses how he started glitch research after his younger brother learned about the Select glitch from Famimaga.) It does not get much of a response.
1996-07-21 Game Boy Pocket released in Japan.
1996-09-03 Game Boy Pocket released in North America.
1996-10-15 Pokémon Blue released in Japan.
1996-10-20 The Pokémon trading card game released in Japan.
1997-01-29 Game Freak launches its website
1997-04-01 The Pokémon anime first airs in Japan.
1997-04-10 MicroGroup Game Review Vol.14 is published, including an interview with Ken Sugimori and a cover with character art of "another world... like Pokemon but not Pokemon".
1997-07-03 Carsten Sørensen (aka SurfSmurf) releases ASMotor, a general-purpose assembler and linker for DOS/Windows.
1997-11-21 The Space World '97 trade show lasts for three days, demonstrating upcoming games including Pokémon Gold and Silver.
1997-11-22 Kouichi Hiwasa publishes his account of attending Space World '97 and describes the Pokémon Gold and Silver demo.
1997-12-16 Episode 38 of the Pokémon anime, "Dennō Senshi Porygon" ("Electric Soldier Porygon"), airs in Japan. As reported by CNN, "more than 700 people, mainly school children," had epileptic seizures from a flashing red and blue "vaccine bomb" set off by Ash's Pikachu. The show went on hiatus for four months, the episode was not shown again, and Porygon nor its evolutions have since had nontrivial appearances in the anime.
1997-12-26 Game Freak's Pokémon Journal site publishes an interview with Atsuko Nishida, including a discussion of how she designed Pikachu. (Supposedly this interview also once had a Q&A about some more initial Pokémon designs, with pictures, but the Internet Archive's copy from 1998-01-21 does not have them.)
Fandom: Beyond Japan and Beyond Kanto
1998 Necrosaro (aka radimvice, aka Will Jordan) starts "necrosaro's Pokémon Page" (no longer available) at; it would later move to, then to It was an early Pokémon research site that reverse-engineered aspects of the games' code. (It's not clear exactly when it began, but the earliest archived page says "(c)opyright necrosaro 1998-1999".)
TeamPA ("Team Pokémon Analysis") starts Pokémon Analysis (no longer online, but archived at PoKEMONaSeNSE) to investigate the Pokémon games' code and behavior. Their research uncovers some bugs and contributes to reverse-engineering the games. (It's not clear exactly when they began, but their RGB Analysis page says "Last updated on 8.Sept '99" and their G/S Analysis page says "(c)1998-2001".)
1998-04-14 Game Boy Light released in Japan.
1998-09-07 The Pokémon anime first airs in the United States.
1998-09-12 Pokémon Yellow released in Japan.
1998-09-28 Pokémon Red and Blue released in North America.
1998-10-21 Game Boy Color released in Japan.
1998-11-18 Game Boy Color released in North America.
1999-01 Game Freak's Pokémon Journal site publishes a commemoration of the English release of Pokémon Red and Blue, including an explanation (later translated by Helix Chamber) of why the versions were Red and Blue instead of Red and Green: "Red and blue are the colors of the US flag (Stars and Stripes) and therefore are popular with Americans."
1999-01-09 The Pokémon trading card game released in North America.
1999-04-20 The trademark for "ミュー" ("Mew") is transferred to Game Freak from the Yokohama Rubber Company (which had trademarked it in 1990 for their logo "μ").
1999-05 Nintendo Power Volume 120 acknowledges the existence of MissingNo, a "bizarre phenomenon" that could "erase your game file or disrupt your graphics". (In fact it was a placeholder for unused Pokémon slots, made visible by bugs in the game.)
1999-06-19 Someone posts on TeamPA's bulletin board asking about how to catch a Mew at Celadon Dept. Store 2F with a variant of Select glitch known as "ミュウ釣り" ("Mew fishing"). The post gets little attention.
1999-08-01 Justin Lloyd (aka Otaku no Zoku) releases RGBDS, a GBZ80 assembler based on ASMotor. ("The Rednex Gameboy Development System allows adept programmers to write software for the Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Colour using assembly language. [...] Hundreds of commercial Nintendo Gameboy & Gameboy Colour entertainment titles have been created with this system since it was first created.")
1999-08-07 Someone posts on TeamPA's bulletin board about "a wild level 7 Mew in Yellow JP". ("I had my Pikachu Flash and blacked out in a tunnel.") This may have been the first mention of the "Mew glitch" (aka "とくしゅエンカウント", "special encounter" glitch, "long-range Trainer glitch", or "Trainer-Fly glitch"), albeit a variant without a "long-range Trainer" required. It gets attention but has no one capable of analyzing it at the time.
1999-10-01 Pokémon Yellow released in North America.
1999-11-21 Pokémon Gold and Silver released in Japan.
2000-02-08 Azure Heights Pokémon Laboratory, a site for "information, research, analysis, and advice" of Pokémon Gen 1, begins. Their research investigates game mechanics and GameShark codes, revealing more about the games' code and RAM map.
2000-09-01 "Game Freak Asobi no Sekai Hyoujun o Nurikaeru Creative Shuudan" is released: a book with some details of Game Freak's game development, including the Pokémon games.
2000-10-15 Pokémon Gold and Silver released in North America.
2000-11-02 Uri Geller, a magician known for bending spoons, sues Nintendo for allegedly using his image on a TCG card of Kadabra (whose Japanese name is ユンゲラー, Yungerer). ("Nintendo turned me into an evil, occult Pokémon character. Nintendo stole my identity by using my name and my signature image.")
2000-12 TR Rose (aka Team Rocket Rose, aka Mandy Nader) starts TRsRockin (no longer online, but archived at Its content eventually includes "Tales from the Glitch", a series of articles about MissingNo and other video game glitches.
2000-12-14 Pokémon Crystal released in Japan.
2001 The Cutting Room Floor (TCRF) begins as "a personal project by Rusty (aka BMF54123)" for documenting "buried treasures" in games, mostly NES/Famicom.
2001-01-13 necrosaro's Pokémon Page reports that "Pokemon Gold/Silver graphics compression has been cracked and documented", and uploads documentation and a decompression program.

Mobile Adapter GB released in Japan ("originally planned for December 2000").

Kakeru8201 (aka Kakeru) has published some of the data that was available via Mobile System GB services for Pokémon Crystal.

2001-03-21 Game Boy Advance released in Japan.
2001-06-11 Game Boy Advance released in North America.
2001-07-29 Pokémon Crystal released in North America.
2002-05 Nintendo announces that the Mobile System GB services will be shut down by 2002-12-14.
2002-05-31 "Nintendo" posts on JesseWorld ("The #1 Site for Codes that Work!") "The Real Mew Code (This is Serious)" involving the "Youngster that has a Slowpoke". This was the earliest English mention of the Mew glitch, but it did not get attention since so many hoaxes existed to get Mew.
2002-07-20 Pokémon Festa 2002 begins, promoting upcoming Pokémon content, including Ruby and Sapphire on the Game Boy Advance.
2002-11-21 Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire released in Japan.
2002-12-14 Nintendo shuts down the Mobile System GB services.
2003-02-14 Game Boy Advance SP released in Japan.
2003-03-09 Daniel26 posts on GameTalk "The real mew code, it work's". This was a rediscovery of the glitch from 2002-05-31, but it too went unnoticed ("ranked 1.6 out of 5").
2003-03-19 Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire released in North America.
2003-03-23 Game Boy Advance SP released in North America.
2003-04-19 TheScythe posts on GameFAQs "Mew [Without GameShark or Nintendo Promotionals]". ("If you don't believe me, try it yourself. [...] I've tried it, AND I saw it on 2 other sites.") Unlike Daniel26's report in March this gets attention and verification. ("Unbelieveable...... I cannot believe that that code actually freaken works."), including a screenshotted guide by White Cat on the P-Files.
2003-04-24 White Cat publishes on the P-Files a guide with screenshots for the Mew glitch, crediting TheScythe for the information. They later add an explanation of how the glitch works, and how it can be used to encounter any Pokémon.
2003-11-01 Abwayax creates Nemesis Temple, a "general-purpose Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh site" that "devoted hours of research into the topic of Pokemon". After a few name changes, it would eventually become Glitch City Labs.
2004-01-29 Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen released in Japan.
2004-02 Abwayax creates Professor Glitch's Lab, "the first modern ancestor of GCL", to replace Nemesis Temple. ("To this day there is content on GCL that was taken word-for-word from this old ancestor site.")
2004-05-30 GameCenter CX interviews Satoshi Tajiri and briefly reveals the PM Kaiju Zukan booklet, an early Pokédex printout of the original 190 Pokémon.
2004-08-02 Junichi Masuda starts a blog talking about his experiences as a director at Game Freak, including some technical details of the games, such as Pikachu's cries in Pokémon Yellow. Some posts are in English, some in Japanese.
2004-09-09 Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen released in North America.
2004-09-16 Pokémon Emerald released in Japan.
2004-11-21 Nintendo DS released in North America.
2004-11-23 Abwayax creates Pokémon Paranormal Research Laboratories (originally Pokémon Phenomenon Research Laboratories) to replace Professor Glitch's Lab.
2004-12-02 Nintendo DS released in Japan.
2005-02-13 Abwayax creates Glitch City, "the direct ancestor of Glitch City Labs", to replace Pokémon Paranormal Research Laboratories.
2005-05-01 Pokémon Emerald released in North America.
2005-09-13 Game Boy micro released in Japan.
2005-09-19 Game Boy micro released in North America.
2005-12 Abwayax creates Glitch City Labs to eventually replace Glitch City. ("Glitch City Laboratories was established in December 2005 and revealed to the public later.")
2006-03 Abwayax deactivates Glitch City's MyBB forums and refers members to the new Glitch City Labs forums.
2006-03-02 Nintendo DS Lite released in Japan.
2006-05-02 drx creates The Hidden Palace, "a community dedicated to the preservation of video game development media".
2006-06-11 Nintendo DS Lite released in North America.
2006-09-28 Pokémon Diamond and Pearl released in Japan.
2007-04-22 Pokémon Diamond and Pearl released in North America.
2008-09-04 Lai releases the RGBDS-Lmod GBZ80 assembler. ("I started patching the RGBDS source code a couple of weeks ago for my own amusement, but I think it turned out quite nice so why not share it right?")
2008-09-13 Pokémon Platinum released in Japan.
2008-11-01 Nintendo DSi released in Japan.
2009-03-22 Pokémon Platinum released in North America.
2009-04-05 Nintendo DSi released in North America.
2009-04-22 "Satoshi Tajiri: A Man Who Created Pokémon" is released: a book including early concept art of "Capsule Monsters" (aka Capumon), the prototype of Pokémon, as well as a reprint of the entire first Game Freak publication in 1983.
pret: Pokémon Reverse Engineering
2009-05-13 IIMarckus (aka _2marc) begins disassembling Pokémon Red as pokered.asm, making use of RGBDS-Lmod. The idea had started from his ROM+RAM map of Pokémon Crystal.
2009-06-11 Vegard Nossum releases the rgbds-linux GBZ80 assembler, "an adaption of RGBDS intended for use on GNU/Linux systems". This would later be used by pokered and other Pokémon disassemblies.
2009-08-13 IIMarckus uploads the ongoing pokered.asm disassembly to (his old website, no longer online).
2009-09-04 Nintendo publishes an "Iwata Asks" interview about Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver with Tsunekazu Ishihara and Shigeki Morimoto. Among other things, they discuss the "tools for compressing the Pokémon graphic code" that Satoru Iwata wrote for Pokémon Gold and Silver.
2009-09-12 Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver released in Japan.
2009-10-25 Xkeeper reworks The Cutting Room Floor (TCRF) into a wiki "dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games".
2009-11-21 Nintendo DSi XL released in Japan.
2010-01-04 IIMarckus uploads the pokered disassembly of Pokémon Red and Blue to BitBucket.
2010-01-07 drx posts in the Hidden Palace forums "a debug menu with some nice things and cheats" from a Pokémon Ruby prototype ROM. ("It's theoretically possible to make this releasable, but the amount of work required would be of cosmic proportions (I'd have to change a lot of the ROM in order to make this untraceable to the source).") Pokémon Ruby German debug ROM
2010-01-12 Anthony J. Bentley forks rgbds-linux; his becomes the reference implementation of rgbds.
2010-02-02 The TCRF wiki is "made available publicly".
2010-02-14 celebi23 (aka eisnerguy1) posts in the Lost Levels forum "Pokémon Gold/Silver Spaceworld 1997 Demo info", a writeup of information he found about early Pokémon Gold and Silver development, including "about 4-First hand accounts" of the demo at Space World '97.
2010-02-28 celebi23 posts in the Lost Levels forum "Pokémon Red/Green "Capsule Monsters" information", a writeup of information he found about early Capumon and Pokémon development, including some scanned pictures from Game Freak's published books.
2010-03-14 Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver released in North America.
2010-03-28 Nintendo DSi XL released in North America.
2010-04-07 Metroixer starts a "Let's horribly break Pokemon Blue" Let's Play on Something Awful (archives inaccessible to non-paying members). Nob Ogasawara (aka Douglas Dinsdale) makes posts throughout recollecting his work translating Gens 1–4, and critiquing some choices including "Hermit Crab Pokémon" for yadokari, "Polkadot Pokémon" for mizutama, "RageCandyBar" for ikari manju, "soft loamy soil", and "Mr. Mime" being gender-specific.
2010-06-02 xdanielDZD publishes a video playthrough by RAI-GER of the Pokémon Ruby demo at Pokémon Festa 2002.
2010-07-05 The Game Freak staff blog posts a retrospective of working on Pokémon Crystal, including some prototype design screenshots of the Pokémon Communication Center and the female protagonist.
2010-07-09 Stackout (aka wack0) dumps all the text from Pokémon Ruby.
2010-09-03 Zog talks to Shigeki Morimoto at the 2010 Pokémon World Championships and gets confirmation that there were "originally exactly 190 Pokémon" and that Game Freak "decided to save the rest of the designs for later". (This was suspected since the Gen 1 Pokémon indexes had 39 "MissingNo" slots, for 190 total.)
2010-09-10 Nintendo publishes an "Iwata Asks" interview about Pokémon Black and White with Tsunekazu Ishihara, Junichi Masuda, and Ken Sugimori.
2010-09-18 Pokémon Black and White released in Japan.
2010-10-23 The Japanese blog "Until the Tortoise Touches the Sun" posts a screenshot or scan of beta designs for Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, and Dragonair, supposedly from a December 1997 interview "published in "Pokémon Journal" on the official Game Freak website." ("I found a picture I got from my parents' computer a long time ago. [...] This version of Pokémon Journal does not appear even in the Internet Archive [...] Was it deleted at the request of Game Freak or the copyright holders, or was it simply not crawled...")
2010-11-07 The TCRF wiki moves from (a subdomain of Rusted Logic) to
2011-02-26 Nintendo 3DS released in Japan.
2011-03-06 Pokémon Black and White released in North America.
2011-03-27 Nintendo 3DS released in North America.
2011-06-24 The Pokémon LiveJournal posts "an old snippet of Pokemon history", referring to the beta Pokémon designs from a December 1997 interview found in 2010-10-23. ("I know a good amount of Japanese, and from what I gather it seems legit.")
2011-08-11 Wack0 dumps all the text from Pokémon Emerald and FireRed.
2011-10-25 drx (through TCRF) releases the Pokémon Ruby German debug ROM as Pokemon_Ruby_(German_Debug_ROM).7z. Pokemon_Ruby_(German_Debug_ROM).7z (4,373,875)
2011-11-07 The Fuck Yeah Beta Pokemon Tumblr posts "quite possible the biggest discovery I have ever made while researching Game Freak’s forgotten history", bringing more attention to the beta Pokémon designs from a December 1997 interview found in 2010-10-23. They later reblog a partial translation of the text by wimscoot: "It says new designs for Pokemon 2 but it doesn’t look like these are for GSC… [...] It doesn’t really say much other than how those designs became what they are now, and who designed them."
2011-11-27 GlitterBerri publishes a translated interview from 1997 (originally published by Game Staff List Association Japan) with Satoshi Tajiri, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Tsunekazu Ishihara, discussing the in-development "Pokémon 2" games which would become Gold and Silver. ("The original source is unknown.")
2012-01-02 kanzure (aka Bryan Bishop) begins using Python tools to "extract map header data" for pokered. This was more productive than manual disassembly, and "pretty pivotal to the birth of pokecrystal".
2012-01-16 kanzure submits pokered to Hacker News, a social news website with an interest in hacker culture. There is some discussion about Game Freak's decision to release two versions of essentially one game.
2012-03-06 kanzure's pokemon-reverse-engineering-tools repository begins.
2012-03-04 kanzure's pokecrystal disassembly of Pokémon Crystal begins.
2012-06-14 Nintendo publishes an "Iwata Asks" interview about Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 with the Game Freak staff.
2012-06-19 Tikisaurus publishes some scans of the early concept art from "Satoshi Tajiri: A Man Who Created Pokémon".
2012-06-23 Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 released in Japan.
2012-07-28 Nintendo 3DS XL released in Japan.
2012-08-19 Nintendo 3DS XL released in North America.
2012-08-26 IIMarckus' pokered repository switches from using Mercurial hosted on BitBucket, to using Git hosted on GitHub.
2012-10-07 Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 released in North America.
2013-05-29 GlitterBerri publishes a collection and analysis of the early concept art (including what Tikisaurus scanned) and of interviews with Game Freak.
2013-08-19 "Nine to Five Hero" posts on 4chan /vp/ some scans of the Capumon-related pages from "Satoshi Tajiri: A Man Who Created Pokémon". The thread also discusses beta information about Gen 2.
2013-10-10 Nintendo publishes an "Iwata Asks" interview about Pokémon X and Y with the Game Freak staff.
2013-10-12 Pokémon X and Y released worldwide.
Nintendo 2DS released in North America.
2014-01-06 IIMarckus' pokered disassembly reaches 100% coverage.
2014-02-12 Twitch Plays Pokémon begins streaming a chat-controlled playthrough of Pokémon Red.
2014-05-19 beltex submits pokecrystal to Hacker News. There is some discussion about the disassembly itself, the original game, and copyright issues.
2014-06-01 slipstream (aka wack0) leaks Red Star OS 3.0 Server on Reddit /r/linux.
2014-10-11 New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL released in Japan.
2014-11-21 Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire released worldwide.
2014-12-29 slipstream (aka wack0) leaks Red Star OS 3.0 Desktop. ("Unlike server, this one doesn't need a serial, just mount in your VM and go boot from it :D")
2015-02-13 New Nintendo 3DS XL released in North America.
2015-03-12 kanzure's pokecrystal disassembly reaches 100% coverage.
2015-05-10 luckytyphlosion's pokeyellow disassembly of Pokémon Yellow forks from pokered.
2015-06-13 Wack0 cracks the Impero Education Pro "all-in-one ed tech software" ("essentially a corporate/educational RAT"), which used the hard-coded password "PASSWORD". As reported by Forbes, Impero accused him of copyright infringement and made him take down the vulnerability disclosure.
2015-06-15 Ken Sugimori tweets concept art of the early Kanto Gym Leaders.
2015-07-09 PikalaxALT's pokegold disassembly of Pokémon Gold and Silver begins.
2015-09-25 New Nintendo 3DS released in North America.
2015-10-03 The pokered, pokecrystal, and pokemon-reverse-engineering-tools repositories are all transferred to a single "pret" organization. The other disassembly and decompilation projects are eventually also collected into pret.
2015-10-05 YamaArashi's pokeemerald decompilation of Pokémon Emerald begins.
2015-10-23 obskyr starts Lanette's Time Capsule, a plan for "a device that lets you trade Pokémon between Generations II and III". (So far unfinished, and "on the backburner".)
wack0: The Nintendo Hack
2015-11-14 wack0 (aka Riley, aka Raylee, aka slipstream, aka RoL/Ring of Lightning, aka Stackout; real name Zammis Clark) hacks "4.8 million customer details" from toy company Vtech's website via SQL injection. He was arrested and confessed, but Vtech "did not wish to assist with the prosecution".
2015-11-20 JimB16's PokePlat disassembly of Pokémon Platinum begins.
2016-01-23 YamaArashi's pokeruby decompilation of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire begins.
2016-02-27 Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow (or Red, Green, and Yellow in Japan) re-released worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.
Nintendo 2DS released in Japan.
2016-06-13 Háčky posts on the GCL forums "Emulating the Mobile Adapter GB", reverse-engineering "most of the protocol that Game Boy Color games use to communicate with the Mobile Adapter GB" "solely from analysis of Mobile Trainer and Pokémon Crystal".
2016-07-06 Pokémon GO released in North America.
2016-07-07 At the Japan Expo 2016 in Paris, Junichi Masuda hosts a "Masterclass" that looks back on 20 years of Pokémon history. He reveals that Game Freak used Legos to design the 3D map of Sinnoh for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
2016-07-22 Pokémon GO released in Japan.
2016-09-07 Shonumi publishes "In Depth: The Game Boy Printer", reverse-engineering the Game Boy Printer's communication protocol.
2016-09-16 YamaArashi's pokered-jp disassembly of Japanese Pokémon Red (since deleted, but backed up by luckytyphlosion) forks from pokered.
2016-10-05 The developers of Pokémon Prism (an ambitious Gen 2 ROM hack started in 2010) release a trailer on YouTube (since removed), announcing its planned release date on December 25th. ("Pokémon Prism will debut on October 9th 2016 at 18.00 UTC on Twitch Plays Pokémon, and will be available to download in December!")
2016-11-03 Retro Gamer UK publishes Issue 161, featuring "the creation of the first generation of Pokémon games", including "an exclusive interview with Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda, as well as a variety of other Pokémon experts." Nintendo Everything later excerpts some "statements from both Masuda and Sugimori".
2016-11-18 Pokémon Sun and Moon released worldwide.
2016-12-21 Koolboyman (aka Coolboyman, aka KBM) tweets that "Pokemon Prism is cancelled": Nintendo sent a C&D letter ("cease and desist") asserting their "intellectual property rights" and requesting KBM to "refrain from providing a downloadable file for Pokémon Prism, and immediately cease any further work on this game". According to PokéCommunity, it is "the first Pokémon ROM Hack to have received a take-down notice by Nintendo."
Someone leaks on 4chan /v/ via (no longer available) Prism.rar, containing the ROM and source code to Pokémon Prism. ("Someone I know on a hacking-lifestyle IRC chatroom has given me a leak that he has gotten of said romhack. After testing the validity of the files I am sharing it with you folks of /v/.") The README.txt states "Q: Are you the original developers? A: No, the developer team was ordered to cease and desist development on December 21, 2016 and they complied with that request. We are in no way affiliated with them." Prism.rar (10,063,231):
• pokeprism.gbc (2,097,152)
• source
4chan discussion of the Pokémon Prism leak continues on /vp/.
2017-01-10 Cryo (aka Ganix) posts on the GCL forums "Obtaining Arceus via the Void Glitch", a method of combining the Pal Park Retire glitch and the void glitch in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum to reach the Hall of Origin and encounter Arceus.
2017-01-24 wack0 hacks into Microsoft's servers and downloads "around 43,000 files".
2017-02 The rgbds GitHub repository (used by the pret disassemblies) moves from bentley to the rednex organization.
2017-03-03 Nintendo Switch released worldwide.
2017-03-14 GlitterBerri publishes a translation of Kouichi Hiwasa's SW97 observations, with commentary from Sanqui.
2017-04-24 padz (aka yenatch) creates the original pret Discord (no longer active).
2017-06 wack0 arrested for uploading malware onto Microsoft's network, and released on bail "without any restrictions on his computer use".
2017-07-13 New Nintendo 2DS XL released in Japan.
2017-07-28 New Nintendo 2DS XL released in North America.
2017-08-11 Ganix posts in the Hall of Origin Discord about "a bit of research into the function parameters of B/W [...] There's a ton more verbose data in Black and White, so it seems like they might've forgotten to strip it prior to launch." ("I'm doing a shit ton of research into B/W stuff [...] Same with Platinum".) He uploads filelist.txt, "the list of files apparently used in Pokemon Black and White". filelist.txt (13,779)
2017-08-16 Game Informer publishes "An Exclusive Look At Pokémon's Early Design Documents": a video interview with Junichi Masuda that shows design documents for multiple Pokémon generations, including ROM banks from Red and Green.
2017-09-11 The Hall of Origin Discord discusses the Pokémon Ruby German debug ROM that drx leaked in 2011-10-25. Ganix posts "Pretty much all I know is that the guy bought it for a very large amount of money, and he bought it from a Nintendo employee. [...] I can wholly vouch for its legitimacy; it was actually built as a debug binary rather than as a release binary."
2017-09-22 Pokémon Gold and Silver re-released worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.
2017-10-25 The PokéCommunity Discord discusses the pret Gen 3 decompilations. Revo (aka ProjectRevoTPP) explains "a while ago, before the decompilation was even a twinkle in our eyes, an SDK hoarder actually approached an ex-Nintendo developer about the GBA SDK gcc variant's source, pointing out that under GPL they are required to ensure that modification of gcc is public; and they did provide their source to the compiler; this was years ago IIRC". (The agbcc compiler that pret uses is based on the "arm-000512" gcc variant from the SDK.)
2017-11-03 The pret Discord discusses their decompilations. Normmatt acknowledges being the "SDK hoarder" who leaked the gcc compiler needed to reproduce the Gen 3 ROMs.
2017-11-17 Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon released worldwide.
2017-12-17 sceptillion's pokefirered decompilation of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen begins.
2018-01-09 Matt Currie's mgbdis Game Boy ROM disassembler begins. It is more up-to-date than the from pokemon-reverse-engineering-tools, and would eventually be used by further Pokémon disassembly work.
2018-01-26 Pokémon Crystal re-released worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.
2018-02-18 bayleef publishes a reverse-engineering of the Mystery Gift infrared communication protocol for Pokémon Gen 2, including a schematic and source code for a Mystery Gift station on a Raspberry Pi computer.
2018-02-26 KernelEquinox (aka Ganix) uploads PokePlatinum, "a rough decompilation of Pokémon Platinum", to GitHub. (He had been disassembling Platinum since at least 2017, possibly working off of PokePlat.)
2018-03 wack0 hacks into Nintendo's servers and sends different materials to people he knows for archival, including some from GCL (archived Discord) like Ganix. Some of them quietly spread things like debug ROMs and original symbol names, but nothing major leaks publicly.
2018-03-13 wack0 contacts Ganix and shares the Gen 1 and Gen 4 source code, as well as discussing what else he acquired. (He may have shared more material than that, or just screenshots.)
2018-04-10 Shonumi publishes "Edge of Emulation: Infrared Madness", discussing his progress with emulating infrared communication for some Game Boy Color games, including between Pokémon Crystal and the Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS pedometer.
2018-04-27 wack0, through the SUXXORS scene group, leaks the iQue Player SDK and 15 ROMs as iQue_Player_SDK_v1.5_Linux-SUXXORS.rar. iQue_Player_SDK_v1.5_Linux-SUXXORS.rar (49,444,987) (211,409,669)
Capumon Revealed: Helix Chamber Begins
2018-05-02 Dogasu's Backpack translates an interview published in Yomiuri Shimbun with Atsuko Nishida which reveals that "Pikachu's first design looked like a 'daifuku,'" and that it was going to "evolve two times" into "an unreleased creature named 'Gorochu'".
2018-05-03 Kakeru tweets for a few days reflecting on the development of gaming culture with the introduction of Pokémon and the internet. He also speculates about Famimaga's role in spreading rumors of Mew. ("If one of the triggers of the Pokémon boom was the existence of Mew, then Famiga, which indirectly hinted at the method to release it, should have been an important spark, but it was never mentioned in the official announcement and most fans either didn't know or forgot about it.")
2018-05-16 Shogakukan publishes "A Man Who Made Pokémon: Satoshi Tajiri": a biographical manga about Satoshi Tajiri that includes some early Pokémon designs.
James Turner tweets (now deleted) some images of the Satoshi Tajiri manga that reveal some discarded prototype front sprites.
2018-05-17 Serrys Orchid (aka Orchid) and Catstorm (known from the TSW spreadsheet and /vp/) form Helix Chamber privately (later joined by obskyr, lloumonn, RacieB, Ganix, and others) in response to the Satoshi Tajiri manga, "to investigate everything that had been overlooked or untouched in the quest for the story of Pokémon's development."
2018-05-19 Helix Chamber Twitter account begins with some analysis of the known prototype Pokémon/Capumon sprites. ("Hello from the Helix Chamber! We picked a very busy time to start doing this with new unused Pokemon being found almost every 10 hours, but now's as good a time as any.")
2018-05-24 Helix Chamber tweets about some more prototype Pokémon/Capumon analysis by ERAsaur (aka Serrys, aka Orchid).
2018-05-25 Helix Chamber tweets a request for "a VHS of the Spaceworld 97 b-roll footage sent to press in this video".
Space World '97: Team Spaceworld
2018-05-26 __ (aka MM, aka Mystery Man, really wack0) posts the Spaceworld '97 G/S ROMs to pret #pokecrystal ("i heard you liked protos"). The Firefox Send link expires after 20 downloads. Gold_debug.sgb (1,048,576)
Gold_nondebug.sgb (1,048,576)
Silver_debug.sgb (1,048,576)
Silver_nondebug.sgb (1,048,576)

Sanqui creates the Team Spaceworld Discord (not named that at the time) to coordinate a release with TCRF and Hidden Palace. ("We should take a week to a month to do documentations, comparisons, documentation, disassembly, and more cool stuff, prepare an article, and then release this to the public.")

__ claims to have "a giant pack" of "pokémon-related stuff" ("debug final builds of R/S all languages, FR/LG all languages, and Emerald Japanese (and the DE v1.0 debug matches the released one)".

Sanqui's pokegold-spaceworld disassembly of the SW97 ROMs begins as a private repository.
2018-05-27 Sanqui invites obskyr (a "fan translator / hacker", "ex-TCRF-er", and member of Helix Chamber) to the Team Spaceworld Discord, who contacts Catstorm (also from Helix Chamber) to help write "the TCRF article" about the Space World '97 ROMs. __ mentions that "there may be more similar projects in the future".
2018-05-28 Sanqui tweets "Looking for an expert in RAM forensics" (since the SW97 ROMs' free space had leftover garbage from RAM when they were built).

An SW97 screenshot is posted to 4chan /vp/. ("That's all I feel comfortable with leaking right now. I DON'T HAVE IT. Someone else posted these images privately. I can't even be sure myself that it's the real thing. Please don't let this spread too much or they might not release it. It will be a big scene release. I heard it would take about a month to release. You didn't hear this from me.")

  • Other anons post Honooguma's sprite, Pichu's sprite, and other screenshots.
  • A false rumor starts that "a low key collector of memorabilia, development equipment, and other scarce gaming paraphernalia recently passed away," and a "second hand shop in Hokkaido" spread some of the collection.
2018-05-29 Sanqui tweets "We have a well known demo on our hands. Documentation is in progress and a release is planned in one month with a full English translation patch."
4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in part 2.
2018-05-30 4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in part 3. More posts reveal the Silver and Gold SGB borders. (Sanqui comments in the Team Spaceworld Discord "if only we put the same amount of energy we spend worrying about [leaks] into research instead".)

4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in part 4.

  • The Gold_debug.gbc ROM is leaked via MEGA. ("Have fun, fuck waiting a month.")
  • GlitterBerri posts a public version of Team Spaceworld's research spreadsheet, including individual credits. ("I guess we have no other choice, then. Here's all the documentation we've done so far. Please source it back to us if you post or write about it. [...] Text is still being dumped, so there's not a script translation yet, but it's coming.")
Gold_debug.gbc (1,048,576)
Gold_nondebug.gbc (1,048,576)
The Silver_debug.gbc ROM is leaked via (no longer available) as Pokemon_Silver_Prototype.7z, originally on the Omniarchive Discord ("a Discord server dedicated to archiving lost Minecraft versions"; two users there were on Team Spaceworld), then on 8chan, then on /vp/. ("This one asshole named Hans [...] contacted one of the team members on the server and basically blackmailed them into giving him the Silver ROM, saying he wouldn't leak it. He leaked it [on 8chan].") Silver_debug.gbc (1,048,576)
Silver_nondebug.gbc (1,048,576)
4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in parts 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.
Helix Chamber tweets "yes, the Gold/Silver Demo Prototype is real and yes it leaked early. A few of our members worked on the project and have been working diligently to document it asap. [...] This was our planned longform post, pardon the mess as this took us by surprise. We may have an alternative to one of our member's personal accounts soon enough. [...] We were originally planning to release it at the end of June with everything done (documentation, translation, etc.) but thanks to some other people leaking the roms through various means (I don't even understand, something about minecraft griefing?) we had to go early."
Team Spaceworld Twitter account begins with a link to TCRF's hosting of the SW97 ROMs.
TCRF hosts all four of the SW97 ROMs and tweets about Team Spaceworld. ("There is a team working on an English translation, as well as reverse-engineering and documentation. We expect to have more to show on that in a month.")
Sanqui posts to the Team Spaceworld Discord: "The Gold demo ROM leaked, so make peace with that. The plan is still exactly the same: to document as much as we can and release an 'official' translation patch. Let's keep at it!" and "The leak was almost certainly by a person who downloaded the ROM when it was posted on the (public) pret discord originally, but wasn't a part of our group."
IIMarckus explains what Team Spaceworld knew and did not know, and what their plans were. ("If it had taken longer than a month I would have leaked them myself.")
Revo posts to pret #pret that "the guy who acquired spaceworld ROMs didnt just get those, you know." ("I do believe he proved to me he has the Pokemon Ruby JP source code, though. (source: showed me the original code for what seems like the equivalent of GetSubstruct in pokemon_2.c) [...] Sanqui says we will eventually see the release of more stuff"; and "he directly implied to me he has not only the gen 1 debug ROMs, but also the source code [...] "pokered is better than the gen 1 source"")
2018-06-01 Sanqui posts to the Team Spaceworld Discord: "I do not want to be using my personal Twitter for this purpose [...] I propose we adopt a name and a public channel. My proposal is "Team Spaceworld", since it has a nice ring to it and is immediately recognizeable." and "We have a new name and public face: Team Spaceworld! Please signal boost this tweet if you can."
__ confirms in the Team Spaceworld Discord that he "intend[s] on eventually releasing most things in [his] possession" and that he is "interested in giving [Team Spaceworld] the first go at it".
4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in parts 12, 13, and 14.
The TCRF Discord creates the #pokemon-discussion channel to contain discussion of the SW97 ROMs.
2018-06-02 GlitterBerri posts in the Team Spaceworld Discord: "I met up with someone who has been involved with the Pokemon Company and Nintendo and still has friends working there, so I asked if there had been any word on what the internal reaction to the proto's release was. Apparently the only and overwhelming reaction at the moment is that they're baffled how it appeared out of the blue and where it could possibly have come from. @__ So, no word about trying to block it or seeing it as a threat or anything like that, fortunately, at least for the moment." (Although random employees would not all have been informed of the security breach in March 2018.)
4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in parts 15, 16, and 17.
Someone posts on 4chan /vp/ "I keep seeing everyone agreeing that this location in the Gold/Silver beta is based on Hiroshima, what is this based on?" They want an answer from a "natural Japaneses" and make posts in /jp/, /int/, and /his/ as well. It becomes a meme. (And no, the Font map is not Hiroshima.)
2018-06-03 4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in parts 18 and 19.
2018-06-04 4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in part 20.
2018-06-05 __ posts in the Team Spaceworld Discord some information and screenshots of the Space World '99 Gold and Silver ROMs, though not the ROMs themselves ("i'm still not sure what to do, btw, just on account of "i don't want to give you guys even more work to do on top of what you're already doing [...] yes, I did already [send someone else a copy of the ROMs]"). __ says he does not have the "2002 ruby festa demo" but that "you underestimate how many g/s protos I have". (The eventual leak on 2020-04-24 would reveal hundreds of Gen 2 localization builds of from various stages of development.)
2018-06-06 4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 continues in part 21.
2018-06-08 Revo posts to pret #pokeruby "thanks to mysteryman, I fixed another fakematching", and explains that __ (really wack0) has "been occasionally assisting with finding the fixes" by "giving [Revo] descriptions of [Game Freak's] approaches, but not actually giving code". ShantyTown is against this, and after padz states "i dont think we can accept contributions from anyone who's seen it", Revo agrees to not contribute to pokeruby. ("if its any consolation, ive only seen RubyJP pieces. i have not seen emerald or FRLG".)
2018-06-12 Helix Chamber publishes "Pokémon Gold and Silver: Spaceworld Demo VS. B-Roll Footage": a video comparing the leaked SW97 ROMs with previously seen Space World '97 recordings.
2018-06-27 JacePlace asks __ "do you have any Zelda prototypes?" and he replies "no comment". (Source code for Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time would eventually leak on 2020-07-25 as part of the "Gigaleak 2".)
2018-06-29 Hi-Res Pokémon Art Tumblr begins as "an archive of all the enhanced and rescanned official #pokemon art [Helix Chamber is] collecting."
2018-07-01 Team Spaceworld tweets "No speculation required: we're still working on the translation patch! We don't have an exact date as of yet, but rest assured, it's on the way."
2018-07-06 Ganix (aka KernelEquinox, aka Cryo, aka Zowayixx, aka Fang, aka Mura) shares CRYSTAL_DEBUG.ips with some people including SatoMew: a patch for JP Crystal to enable debug features, seemingly based on the Crystal source code. (It does not leak publicly until 2020-04-12.) CRYSTAL_DEBUG.ips (1,846)
2018-07-07 Larsenv posts on ROM Shepherd "A few weeks ago, someone [actually wack0, aka Riley] gave us every key for each of the [WiiWare] titles we were missing. No idea how they got them, but it's pretty awesome. They are the same person who later gave Hiccup the missing DSi keys." These would eventually be leaked on 4chan on 2020-04-27. DSiWare and WiiWare title keys
2018-07-12 Larsenv mentions in the VGPC Discord that "someone named Riley supplied the keys" for DSiWare titles, confirming that they came from wack0's Nintendo hack.
2018-07-22 Revo posts to pret #pokeruby a screenshot of "pokeviewer" (with censored map names) that he "got from mysteryman". ("His gen 3 source contains some of the tools used to create/view maps, including this one") pokeviewer
Helix Chamber: The Kaiju Zukan
2018-07-23 Helix Chamber tweets "Apologies for the lack of activity, we've been very busy with some technical work and difficult restorations. However, soon All will be revealed as we Inform you about something that was missed for about a year."
2018-07-24 Helix Chamber registers domain with NameCheap.
2018-07-31 Helix Chamber tweets "Sorry again for the delay on a certain thing. Last weekend a slightly different angle was taken and an even bigger discovery was made. Hopefully it'll be done soon but it's our first time doing a video update."
2018-08-01 Game Informer publishes "How Hackers Are Preserving Gaming History": an interview with Sanqui and obskyr about the SW97 ROMs and Team Spaceworld.
2018-08-05 Helix Chamber publishes "An Introduction" as "a ragtag group of Pokémon fans [...] researching the origins and development of Pokémon, while also gathering and restoring any previously unknown Pokemon-related media that we may uncover during our search."
2018-08-07 Helix Chamber publishes "Four MissingNo. Slots Revealed!" and "Lines, Tigers, Slots Bare, Oh My!": analyzing the 2004 Game Center CX interview footage, and identifying Kotora and Raitora in the PM Kaiju Zukan booklet, with Kotora and Raitora art by RacieB.
Prior to this date ("around the middle of [this] summer [2018]"), Ganix contacted Helix Chamber claiming to have "Gen 1 prototypes." ("At first, we were skeptical, as you should be when someone makes a claim like this. However, at the time we were working on the Kaiju Zukan enhancements. We were the only ones who had seen Kotora in slot 159, and when asked to see 159, there it was in full detail.") These "prototypes" were in fact complete source code, which Helix Chamber helped to turn into viewable images. (Helix Chamber "was given a bunch of completed or messed up maps built from source and [they] fixed them with ganix's editor or image editing programs.") These would be released in February 2019.
Helix Chamber publishes "A Closer Look at the Satoshi Tajiri Biographical Manga": continuing their analysis from Twitter of the prototype Pokémon/Capumon sprites.
2018-08-12 __ posts in the Team Spaceworld Discord, commenting on Bulbapedia's Pokémon Gold and Silver beta talk page. This was his most recent post before going silent, presumably due to his arrest. (Sanqui also notes "I wrote a PM to him on 2018-08-31 and didn't get a response.")
2018-08-27 Helix Chamber publishes "An Index List Hiding In Plain Sight": identifying some numbers from the manga as being cry indexes.
2018-08-29 Plague von Karma publishes a complete scan and analysis of April 1997's MicroGroup Game Review Vol.14 and its concept art.
2018-09-09 Hiccup posts in the VGPC Discord "some internal Nintendo release spreadsheets from 2013 that someone [actually wack0] sent me, for cart systems from DSi and before + DSiWare." These would eventually be leaked on 4chan on 2020-04-10. (7,054,881)
2018-09-10 The Team Spaceworld Discord discusses what other material from __ may exist. Serrys comments "I know a few people have the important stuff, just sucks we might have lost some of it [...] he had already given (most of) his stuff to backup people before sw97 even leaked so don't worry [...] I don't think [the Gen 3 source code] will be out for a long time [...] wouldn't worry too much about the major stuff". Ganix comments "Wouldn't worry too much about the localization protos either".
2018-09-11 Helix Chamber publishes "Capsule Monsters": high-quality scans of the prototype Pokémon/Capumon material from various sources, such as the 2009 book "Satoshi Tajiri: A Man Who Created Pokémon".
Helix Chamber publishes "A History of Pokémon through the Internal List": a 7-part series analyzing what was known about prototype and scrapped Pokémon, some of which were left as MissingNo slots.
2018-09-12 Ganix posts to the Team Spaceworld Discord YELLMONS.GBC, the "debug version of Pokemon Yellow" (on the 20th anniversary of its Japanese release). He points out that you "press select for title debug", and some overworld debug effects. Serrys comments that it should be released "once we document it" ("shouldn't take too long I don't think"); however, it does not leak publicly until 2020-03-18. YELLMONS.GBC (1,048,576)
2018-09-16 Ganix posts to the Team Spaceworld Discord debug_thingos.txt, "a list of what all the debug stuff adds and does".
2018-09-18 Ganix posts to the Team Spaceworld Discord, containing BLUEMONS.GB, the debug version of Pokémon Blue. He points out "it's actually always the select button for title debug in every generation ;)", hinting that he's seen more debug ROMs (specifically Gen 4). It does not leak publicly until 2020-03-18. BLUEMONS.GB (1,048,576)
2018-09-21 Parralax Media publishes "Interview With Monster Artist: Rachel Briggs": an interview with RacieB about her art, including Sugimori-style SW97 Pokémon for Helix Chamber.
2018-09-30 Kakeru publishes "Discovery of the first Pokémon Select Bug and Mew", a Japanese blog post about the history of the Select glitch and its role in discovering Mew in the original games' data since 1996-04-05.
2018-10-01 Revo posts in the pret Discord some comments from MM (aka wack0, which was not yet known publicly) regarding Game Freak's source code for Ruby and Sapphire: "basically, just game freak being game freak and writing code you'd expect game freak to write; i guess every time you see nonmatching stuff like that "what would a horrible C coder do""
2018-10-05 Revo posts in the pret Discord the uncensored "pokeviewer" screenshot from 2018-07-22 ("turns out the map names are in the debug ROM so its fine if you see those")
2018-10-13 Team Spaceworld publishes a spreadsheet comparing the SW97 and final G/S learnsets.
2018-10-17 Revo posts in the pret Discord that MM (aka wack0) "is only known to have the RubyJP source" and that "I also asked about Festa iirc and he said he didnt have it [...] he does have some gen 3 debug ROMs iirc, i dont know the extent of them".
2018-10-21 ShantyTown creates a new pret Discord since padz, the only mod and admin of the old one, was inactive for months.
2018-11-06 Helix Chamber publishes "Walking That Fine Line Between Gen I and II": an analysis of the SW97 sprites placing them within the Gen 1 and 2 devlopment timeline.
2018-11-12 The pret Discord creates the #spaceworld channel (later renamed #pokegold-spaceworld, now #prototypes) for discussion of the pokegold-spaceworld disassembly. ("pokegold-spaceworld has been mostly stalled with occasional mild progress; This channel is to help counter that")

Serrys posts in the Team Spaceworld Discord about what other material may exist (__ having stopped posting): "we have blue debug and yellow debug sitting here. we have some gen 2 stuff in the pipeline last time I checked, there's some gen 1 stuff that hasn't been given out yet, I think the gen 3 stuff still exists, some of the gen 4 stuff is still around [...] I've been told the gen 3 source etc. is fine but I don't know who has it [...] __ won't be back but he's fine". Ganix adds that "some of it was unfortunately lost". Sanqui reminds them that __ "intend[ed] on eventually releasing most things".

At some times during the Team Spaceworld Discord's existence (it's not clear exactly when), a few other materials were posted to the Discord itself by __, Ganix, or others (though not leaked publicly): CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM, symmaps.png, and screenshots of more (such as internal GB manual.bmp and a prototype Pearl ROM).

symmaps.png (767,009)
internal GB manual.bmp (1,892,214)
2018-11-14 Parallax Media publishes "From Telefang to 2019": an interview with some more Team Spaceworld/Helix Chamber associates, including Sanqui and RacieB.
2018-11-16 Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! released worldwide.
2018-11-19 Shonumi publishes "Edge of Emulation: Mobile Adapter GB - Part 1", discussing his progress with reverse-engineering features of the Mobile Game Boy Adapter.
2018-12-18 NHK broadcasts a video interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokémon Company, who reveals pages from a Capumon binder that include some discarded prototype front sprites, including "Omega".
Helix Chamber tweets "changes between now and final: PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS" and "Our most recent attempts to figure out Omega which are now... not necessary. Thank you Game Freak for not making us go through one more night of trying to figure this thing out."
2018-12-26 Helix Chamber publishes "How the Capumon Stole Christmas": analyzing the Capumon sprites aired by NHK which were previously discussed on Twitter.
2019-01-20 Dr Lava publishes "Beta Pokemon Revealed in 1997 Japanese Magazine", discussing April 1997's MicroGroup Game Review interview and its 2018 translation by Plague von Karma.
Pokéthon 2019: Capumon Asset Leak
2019-02-12 At this time, Sanqui's Discord stats (now private, but previously public) list the Helix Chamber server as having "23 channels, 12 members, total 0.9 MiB of text data", and the Team Spaceworld server as having "11 channels, 37 members, total 7.0 MiB of text data".
2019-02-16 Team Spaceworld tweets and Helix Chamber retweets "Keep an eye on Pokéthon ( in a day and a half" and "(It's not the translation patch – it's something else, and there's plenty to be excited about.)"
2019-02-17 Helix Chamber tweets "Our own @RacieBeep is about to totally stream Spaceworld at Pokethon and definitely nothing else in 1 hour. The run will last for 3 hours, followed by a post here and an article on our website. For a normal Spaceworld demonstration. So if you have questions about that, hold them." and "And of course, please be courteous to our friends at Pokethon. It will happen when Platinum finishes, there's no rush."
2019-02-18 Pokéthon streams (after some delay) RacieB playing a ROM hack purporting to be a real Pokémon Green prototype in English, featuring both real and fake content, including never-before-seen Pokémon like Gorochu with front and back sprites and dex entries. (People who pointed out the suspicious content in the chat were banned from the stream.) The recorded video was later deleted from Pokéthon's site.
Helix Chamber tweets "For those confused, relax. It will be explained at the end of the stream."
IIMarckus posts in the Team Spaceworld Discord "Better get the hack explanation out of the way fast." Someone from Helix Chamber replies "Let the disbelief begin; [Racie] has a script memorized somewhat, I can't change that if I wanted to".
4chan /vp/ discussion of SW97 Pokéthon resumes from 2018 (skipping the previous part 21 from 2018-06-06) in parts 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25. Part 22 begins calling them /pbg/, or "Pokemon Beta General" (part 21 was /pspg/, or "Pokemon Spaceworld Prototype General").
Helix Chamber tweets "Well, I suppose you're all due for an explanation." They explain that "around the middle of last summer [2018]" an anonymous source [later admitted to be Ganix] provided them "a zip of ripped ROM assets", and they "decided to try and slot these assets back into the game via romhack and to reveal them on-stream, unannounced" (along with custom front sprites, Pokédex entries, overworld maps, dialog, plot, etc). ("The ROMs aren't finished, some of the nasty crashes and bugs were intentionally avoided. HC's work on it is finished and we'd all appreciate if you let them work in peace for however long it takes. We're not setting a time frame because there's no way we can know. [...] When they're done, they'll go up somewhere. It's out of our hands now.") They also state "We're unsure why the front sprites weren't there, the donor wouldn't answer that question."
Helix Chamber releases the assets they were given as (no longer available). (The domain was owned by Ganix.) (1,765,870)

Helix Chamber publishes "What Dreams May Come: Prototype Data for Pokémon Red and Green": a "preliminary article on our findings" regarding the prototype Pokémon/Capumon assets, with later edits "as a response to some of the commentaries and criticisms". ("We had no intentions to trick the community [...] we’d like to apologize in that regard, and we’ve removed the fan names we made for the MissingNos and any references to our ‘restoration’ romhack’s interpretations from this article, in order to prevent any further confusion.")

  • aaaaaa123456789 (aka ax6) comments with analysis of the text and image files, pointing out that they cannot be original files from Game Freak. ("The files are encoded in little-endian UTF-16 [...] thus necessarily being written several years after the games were released.") Helix Chamber responded that the assets were "a recent re-compilation of assets coming from various builds".
  • Helix Chamber comments "We can’t really be sure whether the assets came from a Rom/a prototype or if the leaker just had them as a sprite dump in the first place." (In fact they knew that the assets were created by the leaker from original source code that included unused backup files and comments.)
Someone posts on 4chan /vp/ "the /vp/ hunt is on". ("the important thing that we learnt is that someone out there has legit prototypes of Capsule Monsters/Pocket Monsters and is hoarding them. /vp/, we've got to pull our shit together for once [...] and get it")
IIMarckus comments on the prototype assets: "I didn’t know the assets existed, but I know where they came from and was expecting something from that direction eventually. The technical details behind the assets match what I expected. [...] Unlike the SW97 incident, people are sensitive about the details getting out. [...] I actually expect the source for this one to come out in time with an acceptable level of provenance, even if it’s not going to be soon."

The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discusses the Pokéthon ROM.

RacieB posts "after thorough research over all of the materials, we decided to both release this packet of information (all completely official) and a compiled playable version (with holes filled in by us) [...] we are compiling all four gen 1 games in this style, by the way [...] Btw people bitched about me saying it's not a rom hack on stream, I said this because that implies illegitimacy, it's a partial restoration of actual stuff, spackled in with speculative work [...] I didn't tell any of the marathon attendees what I had either so their reactions would be genuine."

frk posts that they can "provide some proof" that the assets are real, citing how the Kaiju Zukan booklet's cover matches an asset image. They also claim they were told "through several different channels" that "higher-ups in Nintendo were pissed" about the SW97 leak.

2019-02-19 Helix Chamber tweets a scan from "the Dec 1, '95 issue of Weekly Famitsu" showing a prerelease screenshot of Pokémon Blue ("the only prerelease screenshot with a difference (the NPC by the gym) [...] that we've been able to locate").
The 4chan /vp/ hunt for prototype Gen 1 ROMs continues in part 2.
2019-02-20 The 4chan /vp/ hunt for prototype Gen 1 ROMs continues in part 3.

4chan /vp/ discussion of the prototype assets continues, including the possibilities of what Helix Chamber's anonymous source actually had. ("I've heard a few people suggest that this is a build of japanese Blue (hence the "Blue Mew V1" sprite) that reimplemented old assets"; in fact the source turned out to be complete buildable source code of Japanese Blue and Yellow, which would be leaked on 2020-04-11.)

IIMarckus posts "I was extremely skeptical at first due to similar questions of my own. Both my questions and yours have since been answered to my own satisfaction. The secrecy is awkward and I don’t like it. I fully expect concrete evidence to come out eventually, but making that happen requires more than a little finesse behind the scenes. Let’s just say 4chan’s lumbering elephant of a manhunt isn’t helping. [...] I don’t know who converted the Pokémon graphics to PNG but I think it’s extremely likely that they used pret‐based tools to do it."

2019-02-21 Dr Lava publishes "Controversy Explained: Gen 1 Beta Sprite Leak", summarizing the reveal of the prototype Pokémon/Capumon assets, and Helix Chamber's reveal of them during Pokéthon.
The 4chan /vp/ hunt for prototype Gen 1 ROMs continues in part 4. IIMarckus posts "I doubt there’s any ROM or cart of it. [...] The leak showed up as the zip. The dates in the zip could have been faked but I don’t think so. And if they weren’t faked then they weren’t dumped from a cart, at least not in the last 20 years."
2019-02-22 The 4chan /vp/ hunt for prototype Gen 1 ROMs continues in part 5.

4chan /pbg/ continues in parts 26 and 27.

  • Someone posts "I find it ironic that in order to avoid fake or inaccurate information spreading, [Helix Chamber] decided to create a ROM hack with fan made assets, show it with no warning, and not explain what it is until it's over. It's either they knew how bad of an idea it was but were coerced into going along with it anyway, or HC is really stupid and genuinely didn't see how bad of an idea this was, in which case God bless them." IIMarckus replies "Don’t blame me, I called it."
The 4chan /vp/ hunt for prototype Gen 1 ROMs continues in part 6.
2019-02-24 4chan /pbg/ continues in part 28.
2019-02-27 4chan /pbg/ (renamed to /ppg/, or "Pokémon Proto General") continues in part 29.
2019-03-11 Fiolsvinn (through OrangeFrench) tweets (and Helix Chamber retweets) a complete translation of the December 1997 interview from Game Freak's Pokémon Journal, confirming that they were early designs of Gen 1 Pokémon by Atsuko Nishida, not meant for Gen 2. ("Could those be new Pokémons appearing in Pokémon 2!?.. was the wrong conclusion we jumped to at first (sorry!)")
2019-03-12 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 30.
2019-03-14 Helix Chamber tweets "A few weeks ago I said we had something Gen 3-related in the works, now to post the first part of it. It turns out our own @loumilouminosus was the one who gave Serebii those pre-release Gen 3 screens way back in the day [late 2002]. [...] These are not direct rips from the GBA or any internal emulator so there are a few blurry pixels and such (and a few small watermarks) but these apparently came from early 2000s press kits." Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 analyze the images. (An article has not yet been published.)
2019-03-15 Helix Chamber tweets a link to the 2010 video of the 2002 Pokémon Festa Ruby demo.
2019-03-20 4chan /vp/ has another thread about the prototype Pokémon/Capumon assets.
2019-03-28 The Verge reports on wack0's sentencing for hacking Microsoft and Nintendo: "15 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months [...] A Serious Crime Prevention Order was also granted for a period of five years, which carries an unlimited fine and up to five years in prison if breached." Word spreads among people he shared material with that "the fine will increase if more damages come to light", including some members of Team Spaceworld and Helix Chamber. Some plan to wait "five years" until "after his probation was up" to release further material, or encourage to "wipe completely" raw development material like source code.
2019-04-01 Helix Chamber publishes "Kage no Mushi: Profile of a Fakemon" for April Fools' Day: a summary of the hoax Gen 2 Pokémon "Kage no Mushi" by TheSolipsistOwl and some friends.
2019-04-02 BankInfoSecurity reports on wack0's sentencing for hacking Microsoft and Nintendo, with some additional information to The Verge.
2019-04-08 Helix Chamber publishes "102 Pickup – A Look at the Prototype TCG": analyzing some prototype TCG cards from "the 1996 August, September, and October issue of CoroCoro Comic".
2019-04-17 4chan /vp/ discusses the beta Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokémon designs. Someone speculates that wack0, the Nintendo hacker, was the one who gave the Capumon assets to Helix Chamber. ("I heard some guy got arrested for 'hacking' nintendo around the time that person mysteriously stopped replying to Helix Chamber [...] the dates seem to match up with what the Helix Chamber has been claiming") This would later be confirmed by Ganix on 2019-12-25.
2019-04-23 Ganix is looking for a "GSC map editor" at least as early as this date. ("Why does every single map editor for GSC eat so much fucking asshole [...] they're just hardcoded and mostly closed-source, or don't allow you to specify parameters and restrictive af [...] G2Map was one I liked using, but it kept encountering errors when I would load certain ROMs and try to view the map data")
2019-04-25 Helix Chamber tweets that Famitsu video game magazine is publishing a summary of Game Freak's history for its 30th anniversary, including some more prototype Pokémon/Capumon material.
2019-04-26 4chan /vp/ discusses the upcoming Famitsu magazine. Someone speculates that wack0, the Nintendo hacker, was the one who leaked the SW97 ROMs. ("No one would be capable of faking the code in the spaceworld demo. [...] Additionally, this is just speculation on my part, but the dates coincide with the Zammis Clark incident.") This would later be confirmed by Ganix on 2019-12-25.
2019-05-06 Ganix joins the pret Discord.
2019-05-08 Helix Chamber tweets "We have acquired the Famitsu magazine. No new Pokemon but clear scans of the first batch of sprites, the cover, and some minor new concept art. Pictures will be uploaded later today. Oh and the overworld NPC sprites are visible now, some of which belonged to the asset release."
Helix Chamber tweets "We will have our analysis of the scans posted later today, just wanted to get them out as soon as possible." Their scans and analysis are in parts 1, 2, and 3.

4chan /vp/ discusses the Famitsu scans and the Pokéthon ROM.

  • Mura (aka Ganix) posts "I'm the one that made the Pokethon ROM. I was actually there at Pokethon and planned to talk about it on stream while focusing on the content itself, but the seats on the couch were already reserved by others without RacieB's knowledge. And I wasn't about to be that one asshole to kick someone off of the couch in front of thousands of people. But after seeing what happened on stream, I really wish I had been that one asshole. It's been bugging me ever since, and I wanted to apologize that things didn't go anywhere near as planned. Or at least have it heard publicly. I wanted it to be more like an interactive presentation than what it turned out to be."
  • Mura posts "All debug builds of the main Pokemon games through gen 5 have their debug menus accessible in mostly the same way", confirming that he was at least aware of a Gen 5 debug ROM, if not given the ROM himself.
  • Anonymous posts "good thing i handle development shit for a living and dont make mistakes like this [...] check back sometime around mid 2020 [...] there will be a day where someone somewhere drops the spiciest development dump onto the internet with no context, no warning. it will be given to 3 people, and those 3 people are the ones that decide if it gets to the public. ive decided to make it a game, where each of these 3 has some chunk of the full dump. if even 1 person doesnt share, you will know. They've been good to me so im going to be good back before i go private. [...] again, sometime mid 2020 some rumor might be going around. just be ready for it [...] im literally waiting for some old guy in japan to die before i can share anything. [...] its a shot of everything i have, not just gamefreak stuff. gamefreak takes up ~120gb compressed. it includes gen 1-5, but nothing newer than that" They post a screenshot showing "2.54 TB" of files in an I:\ drive, starting the rumor that wack0's hack acquired terabytes of material.
  • Someone posts "If only the original leaker didn't get caught by the police [...] There was an article written about a dude who got arrested for extracting "pre-release" data from Microsoft and Nintendo's servers. No prove that it's the same guy who got the beta shit, but people seem to have concluded it was the same guy." This speculation that "Zammis Clark, also known as Slipstream or Raylee", was the source of the SW97 ROMs or the Capumon assets would later be confirmed by Ganix on 2019-12-25.
"2.54 TB"
2019-05-09 Mura (aka Ganix) releases via MEGA (no longer available) the Pokéthon ROM as POKEMON2.GBC. ("Just know that it's not fully complete. This is as far as I'm going with it though. It was a lot of fun to make. [...] A lot of the text is fan-made. A good bit of it comes from old variable names and commented out data though. Shinjuku Jack (Hi-Tech Jack) is an example of this. The same goes for the maps too. Some had warps, signs, and objects in places, but no map to go with it. We made maps to work around those based on where they were supposed to go. Silph 2 (the left staircase on Silph Co. 1F) is another example of such.") POKEMON2.GBC (2,097,152)
RacieB posts a response: "Mura already clarified a lot of stuff in that thread, but I would like to clear up any remaining misconceptions and answer questions people have about my part in it. [...] Since I was already scheduled to showcase Spaceworld 97 at Pokéthon, but it looked like the translation patch for that wouldn't be done in time, I suggested "what if we did a surprise switcheroo for fun and charity, and then release the assets and modded rom right after?" [...] Ultimately we still accomplished what we set out to, which was sharing the assets with the community. [...] Due to the huge influx of viewers, many of which we were aware were coming in from vp (who may I remind you had just doxxed the previous streamer's sister for taking too long on Platinum), every spare person was put on moderation duty. My own mom got banned from chat in the melee. Hundreds of people saying "is this fake" wasn't contributing to the stream, at that point it's just spam."
2019-05-11 4chan /ppg/ continues (skipping the previous parts 29 from 2019-02-27 and 30 from 2019-03-12) in part 29. Mura (aka Ganix) posts: "None of this is focused on money. Mistakes on stream made it look like a cash grab. And I want to apologize for that again." He also answers some questions about the prototype assets, the Pokéthon ROM, and the original sources. ("GAME FREAK had a tool to convert images to byte data. They also had a tool to compress Pokemon front sprites.")
2019-05-17 Helix Chamber tweets "Today is the HC group's first birthday! Our actual website didn't happen until August, but we started to come together beginning on this day in 2018, after the Tajiri Manga Poll had been revealed. Since then, we've accumulated more members and braved a whirlwind of information."
2019-05-26 The VGPC Discord loses an auction for a prototype of the unreleased NES game Indy: The Magical Kid. tweets a link to their coverage of the incident (retweeted by Hardcore Gaming 101 and discussed by Frank Cifaldi, curator of the Video Game History Foundation). They note that the winning bid was 1.5 million yen (over $14,000), and publish an anonymous comment from the winning bidder: "This title is a big piece of NES history, and I really didn't want it to fall into the hands of someone who copies and sells not-for-sale products. So if you really like games, don't worry. I will definitely protect it as a Japanese treasure. I promise. I can't do anything about it if it gets leaked from the source." (Translation via Google Translate and DeepL.) Revo and other VGPC members are angry that "off it goes to die under the ass of some japanese fucknut who wont release it".
2019-05-27 Ganix posts on the TCRF Discord about SGB borders hidden in the Pokéthon ROM ("I'm p sure these are more official assets though, I've only ever seen that first one in that New Game Design book, and the other one is just ??? to me"). (Mura had already admitted to creating the Pokéthon ROM, but Ganix had not yet admitted to being Mura, so was pretending he "just found this".)
2019-05-31 Someone posts on 4chan /vp/ "So, its been a year since [SW97] was leaked. How does everyone feel about it now? [...] Side note, we still have no idea who leaked this or why it took so long." Another post has "A reminder that development dumps will be finding its way online mid 2020"; this refers to when "Some anon came out of the woodwork after Corocoro seemingly corroborated some of the Gen 1 alpha shit earlier this month and claimed he had enormous amounts of development assets from various companies, Game Freak among them."
2019-06-02 Ganix uploads a Gen 1/2 map editor to GitHub that supports Game Freak's original assembly-formatted data files. (He does not admit to having access to the Gen 1/2 source code, nor yet to it having been used for the maps.) (His post on the GCL Discord: "Y'all wanna see some drugs shit ass code?")
2019-06-10 Ganix posts on the GCL Discord: "To make up for RGBDS being literally retarded, I went ahead and made the map editor able to export in IntSys, Rednex, and Binary formats, already updated on the repo. [...] I mean, even the IntSys tools recognize both $69 and 069h" ["IntSys" is Nintendo's official ISAS Intelligent Systems Assembler; "069h" also happens to be the hexadecimal format used by Game Freak's source files.]
2019-06-17 Helix Chamber tweets a link to MEGA (no longer available): "Japanese debug Diamond cart dating around August 2006 was apparently just found and dumped for TCRF." This was provided by Ganix on the TCRF Discord, along with a picture of the supposed original cart; probably it was actually built from the original source code. Ganix censored the name of a tester "to what it is in the final game - "マリオ" ["Mario"]", as noted by No-Intro. POKEMON_D_ADAJ01_00.nds (67,108,864)
4chan /vp/ briefly discusses the debug Diamond ROM.
2019-06-26 Ganix posts on the TCRF Discord a patch for the Japanese Diamond ROM that translates the debug menu to English and fixes some bugs. ("I should deffo note that Catstorm translated everything -- I just did the patching and bugfixing. Plus huge shout-out to Helix Chamber for helping as well \o/") Debug_EN.xdelta (90,891)
2019-06-28 UmbreonLibris publishes Tin Tower Talks episode 1, "Helix Chamber: Archiving the History of Pokémon": a video podcast interview with Catstorm and RacieB about Helix Chamber, "beta Pokémon and the history of the franchise."
2019-06-29 Ganix uploads the "debug menu translation patch" for the Japanese Diamond ROM to TCRF, as translated by Catstorm. ("This file patches the Diamond prototype ROM, not the final release ROM.") Pokemon_Diamond_Proto_EN_Patch.7z (78,928)
2019-07-04 Mr.64 (aka Dotime) posts in TCRF #prototypes that he has prototype builds of A Hat in Time by Gears for Breakfast, but is unwilling to release them. ("Cant give out the builds, I am just showing them [...] I maybe 20% change release it privately if I could get alpha up- wait. I am gonna flip a coin. [...] I might get in trouble with a archive group I am in.. but uhh.. yea I would release it privately if I could get the alpha build with 4hp. That nobody do have.") TCRF being "all about documentation and preservation", the members (including Ganix and admins Rusty and Hugette Hikari) disapprove. ("Ye, you're either planning to release it or you're not -- don't bait people with proto stuff though, that's just not cool.)
2019-07-09 Mr.64 continues to post in TCRF #tcrf about unreleased prototypes ("Should I post a hat in time prototypes, or should I wait until 10 years past then post?"). Ganix offers to "help with removing as much identifiable data as possible", and states "Preserved locally != Preservation [...] I am a preservationist, and doing that kind of thing just isn't a cool thing to do. Hell, I'm probably one of the most involved people in the Gen IV scene, and I could've kept the Diamond proto as a "treasure", but I felt releasing it and protecting the source was much better for preservation than gatekeeping it. And you won't ever hear a word of me talking about what I can't release, because then it's just "haha look what I have and you don't, time for me to go mess around with it while nobody else can" kind of stuff." Mr.64 does eventually upload two prototypes (since deleted), which are now documented on TCRF.
2019-07-22 Helix Chamber publishes "The Many Prototype Maps of Red and Green": analyzing the early Kanto maps from the prototype assets.
2019-08-06 Helix Chamber tweets the reconstructed front sprites from the Pokéthon ROM, including variations by multiple artists: Catstorm, Orchid, RacieB, and louminosus.
2019-08-16 macho flame cat (aka Incineroar) tweets "For the first time in 17 years and 8 months, a trade was done with Pocket Monsters Crystal using the GTS precursor at the PCC. A shiny Gyarados was traded for a Meganium." This was a milestone in reverse-engineering and reimplementing the Mobile System GB services.

The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discusses the GTS reimplementation. Incineroar explains that "a python script hooked up to an emulator" acts like the Mobile GB Adapter, and connects to "an actual server" like the one Nintendo operated.

They also discuss a German article about a petition for Nintendo to "bring Kotora back". Hugette Hikari and Ganix talk about how Team Spaceworld "got super far with translation", but "nothing that was ever really promised by the team actually happened", including the spreadsheet with their translations.

Regarding further possible material, blueskyrunner (from VGPC) and Hugette Hikari are both optimistic that a Red/Green prototype ROM might leak ("We already have assets, so we know the proto is out in the wild somewhere or other"). Although wack0's sentencing for the Nintendo hack was reported on 2019-03-28, it would not be explicitly connected to the Pokémon leaks until Ganix's "clarification" on 2019-12-25.

2019-08-17 Ganix posts in the GCL Discord: "Funny enough, my map-editor thingy was actually used for almost every image in this post [The Many Prototype Maps of Red and Green]."
2019-08-23 Dr Lava publishes "Gen 2 Demo Leak: All 1004 Beta Sprites", discussing the Pokémon sprites (front and back, normal and shiny) from the SW97 ROMs.
2019-09-20 Nintendo Switch Lite released worldwide.
2019-10-29 4chan /vp/ has another thread about the prototype Pokémon/Capumon assets. IIMarckus posts: "Source got v&. Same guy people have been speculating about. [...] At some point I was given the leaker’s handle [wack0, aka Slipstream or Raylee]. It was someone I’ve known (distantly, through the scene) for at least ten years. I already knew his real name. Later, the news articles came out with his real name [Zammis Clark]. That’s how I know it’s the same guy." He also clarifies that he "just wasn’t around" for the asset leak, and was not "intentionally left out".
2019-11-12 Dr Lava publishes "Sugimori: Hundreds of Pokemon Created for Gen 2", discussing an interview with Game Freak creators from "the July 2000 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine" which reveals that they "came up with several hundred new Pokémon, but most of them got cut during development" for Gold and Silver.
2019-11-15 Pokémon Sword and Shield released worldwide.
Dr Lava publishes "Gorochu: Developer Translations and the 2019 Leak", as "an exhaustive look at everything there is know about Gorochu" following the 2018 interview and 2019 asset leak.
Gen 4 Sprite Leak: Ganix Doxxed
2019-11-27 Ganix posts in the Hidden Palace Discord that he has 11.2 GB of "Proto" content in an "unreleased VM". He also states "I upload all my protos online, but never give out the link, and I don't protect the files"; then gives out the links "" and "" ("Works for any Gen 1 Pokemon actually haha [...] But yeah that's my file repo, alongside a few others"). (He has since taken down the subdomains and content.)
2019-12-18 Anonymous (actually a friend of Ganix) leaks beta Diamond and Pearl Pokémon sprites, revealing many planned gender differences, on 4chan /vp/. ("hey /vp/ check out these silly sprites haha" (no longer available))
Helix Chamber tweets "We are aware of a potential leak of early Gen 4-era sprites on /vp/. [...] While there is no way to know if they are in fact real, signs are pointing to yes." and "This alleged female Charmeleon appears to be a later version of the one found in the files of the final game, having the same pose and the same smaller horn...bump?"

4chan /vp/ discussion of of the D/P beta sprites continues in part 2.

  • Someone (the sprite leaker?) associates the domain with Ganix (aka Cryo).
  • Posts continue to dox Ganix and speculate about the leaks. ("Whoever owns the "" site absolutely is either connected to Helix Chamber or a member of the group, considering this implies that they uploaded the asset leak to")
  • Ganix takes down the sprites and explains: "Someone from Helix Chamber asked if I could host something on my site a while back [...] This site has no affiliation with Helix Chamber [...] the sprites were given to me anonymously through Tox some time ago." (In fact he extracted the sprites from the original source code.)
  • Multiple anons re-upload the sprites and the web page gallery, collecting them via as nqbtlq.txz. (Contributing pieces:, zudui9.xz, twmz6f.html, and te75ep.7z.)
  • Later the domain is taken down entirely. ("So what did we learn from all this. We got sprites that we can't verify their authenticity from somebody who didn't want to share but a friend of his did. Some time after somebody who apparently had a thesis prepared on the owner showed up doxxed him and made him take the site down. Why do I feel there was an argument that took place somewhere not on /vp/ that we missed.")
nqbtlq.txz (1,871,448)
4chan /vp/ discussion of of the D/P beta sprites continues in part 3. Someone re-packages the D/P beta sprites via MEGA as weavileusedsurf.7z after some complaints about the previous .7z and .txz files. ("have a MEGA link since you are all paranoid babies [...] If your PC thinks it's a virus maybe install something that isn't botnet like Windows and use 7zip") weavileusedsurf.7z (1,839,401)
2019-12-20 Dr Lava publishes "Gen 4 Beta Sprite Leak: Cut Gender Differences", discussing the leaked D/P beta sprites and their legitimacy. ("So as it turns out, the person that uploaded the sprites to this website wasn’t the same person that posted the link on /vp/. I’ve since spoken with someone who wanted our conversation to remain off-the-record. There’s some things I can’t share, but I will say this — I’m leaning quite heavily towards thinking this leak is legit. [...] I’ve spoken with the website owner via Tox. He told me he uploaded these sprites onto his website and only gave the URL to a few friends, seeking their input and analysis regarding the sprites’ legitimacy. He doesn’t know who leaked the URL on 4chan.")
Revo posts in the Hidden Palace #protos Discord "Yah I messaged Ganix that his site was exposed. I cannot comment further on the situation." Regarding the legitimacy of the D/P beta sprites, he says "I actually dont know myself where these came from. Like I said, I can only confirm the SW97 one. [...] The asset leaks I am not sure if they are the same. For all I care an anonymous GF employee leaked those for some stupid reason."
2019-12-25 Cryo (aka Ganix) posts on GCL "Clarification on Recent Events", explaining his involvement in the Spaceworld, Capumon, and Gen 4 leaks. ("I was part of TSW too, as was Wack0 [...] There were many Pokemon-related things that Wack0 had come into possession of, including tools used to make the games, development versions of the games, and even source code for the games. He entrusted some of what he had with certain individuals, whether that be knowledge, tools, or data. Many believed that he wanted some of that to get out publicly at some point; I personally believe that he wanted a lot of it to get out, but certainly not all of it, although nobody can really know for sure. I was one of those people he entrusted things with. [...] The truth is that I was the one who gave [Helix Chamber] those prototype assets. [...] In summary, the Pokemon Red and Green assets are real, and the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl sprites are real as well. I have nothing else in my possession, and I've shown everything I did have.")
2019-12-26 Dr Lava publishes "Nintendo Hacker Was the Source of Beta Pokemon Leaks", discussing Ganix's statement. ("Outside sources have also been confirming Ganix’s account. Some knew many of these details dating back to the Spaceworld leak, but up till now were keeping quiet out of respect.")

pret #prototypes (#pokegold-spaceworld at the time) discusses Dr Lava's post about the Gen 4 sprites, Ganix, and wack0. RacieB accuses IIMarckus of being the one to dox Ganix. ("It's just real funny that someone namedropping iimarckus who types exactly like iimarkus would suddenly dox Ganix in the vp gen 4 sprites thread, with info only someone close to the source would know including discord screenshots [...] He wasn't included in the gen 1 research and got mad [...] Anyway I don't care what you do with this information I just wanted it out there") (She apologized for this false accusation on 2020-04-11.)

RacieB also discusses the Pokéthon asset leak with ax6 and implicitly admits that Ganix had Gen 1 source code from which he derived the assets given to Helix Chamber, and that they never wanted to release the source code itself. ("It wasn't a rom [...] Whatever format the original stuff was in before compilation [...] It says there was source in the explanation [...] source would have been more dangerous to drop, So the compiled data was dropped instead [...] it doesn't exist now so it's not a lie [...] destroyed after everything of note was extracted/compiled [...] it was never going to be given freely [...] I won't apologize for lying to keep people safe.")

Ganix discusses his involvement with the leaks in the GCL Discord. He confirms that wack0 had material "ranging from Gen 1 to Gen 4", "from the early parts of the 1990's all the way to 2007", including "source code for every single Pokemon game before B/W" and "a few dozen to a hundred or so protos" (but not the "source code for a Gen 1 prototype" or the Gen 3 "Festa 2002 ROM"), and says that wack0 contacted him on 2018-03-13 to share material. He considers both sides "as a security professional" and "as a proto enthusiast and Pokemon fan" of the illegal but informative Nintendo hack. He also notes "I could comment on PokeRed vs. the actual code, but that wouldn't be productive and would just rile people up."
Ganix posts to the Hall of Origin Discord discussing his clarification ("I didn't actually know for a fact until it became public news that Zammis was the hacker. [...] I made sure not to release any actual source code or game data"). He states that wack0 "was sentenced to 15 months of jail time with an 18 month suspension, so no jail time. He's on the equivalent of 5 years probation though. [...] It should be assumed that all of his internet history is monitored."
4chan /vp/ discusses Ganix's clarification.

The Hidden Palace #protos Discord discusses Ganix's clarification. Revo posts "I was told very early on, I mislead this discord several times trying to delay the discovery, sorry." He comments on his feelings about wack0's hack and about copyright law in general.

Catstorm also comments that "I’m sure the pokethon romhack thing was some ploy to get the assets out without alerting Nintendo or smth" and "I’m sure HC did what they could because the assets and info were so important that they couldn’t just keep them" (pretending not to be one of the two main Helix Chamber members themselves?).

Revo mentions that "Ganix shared like 99.9999% of his stuff actually. There's a couple of minor things im still privy too, I'll disclose at a later time" and "he mentioned on his post that source codes were involved" (contradicting Ganix's statement that "I've shown everything I did have", which did not admit that wack0 had given Ganix any source code). Regarding his own involvement, he clarifies "At the time of speaking to Zammis (known as "__") I did not know of his identity yet, nor did we know of his sources. It was after the news broke to us upon learning who he actually was [...] I literally have 0 involvement besides talking to him a few times thinking he was some hoarder". (Catstorm says "You probably shouldn’t share anything you got from TSW or the fact that you saw things there", implying there was more to see than the SW97 ROMs.)

Revo also mentions having seen "the OG version of the "get substruct" function" in the "RubyJP" source, which he had admitted previously on 2018-05-31 and 2018-06-08. Catstorm comments "It [the RubyJP source] will never see the light of day".

Game Freak publishes "GAME FREAK 30th Anniversary "Masuda's Room" #GAME FREAK Secret Base #55", a video with some views of early Pokémon development material.
Helix Chamber tweets "A few hours ago, Game Freak posted a video in which they went through their old photo albums and binders. The first company popularity poll was in the binder at around 14 minutes in, and it provided some more insight into the Pokemon creation process." They translate the poll: "This [...] implies that some were cut and never made it to the index, supporting the claims that there were 200-300 designed."
2019-12-27 Ganix claims in the GCL Discord that what still hasn't been released was "source code and dev tools", not "commercial" ROMs. (Although this does not agree with the various debug, prototype, and unreleased near-final ROMs that have leaked since.)
2019-12-28 Helix Chamber tweets about "recent events involving our source going public" and "the asset reveal from a year ago." ("The 3 sprites we received at first were not from our source [Ganix], those were from the same person who leaked SW97 [wack0]. [...] The original source had implied that he had received the assets from someone who worked on the game, which we are willing to work with. However, when news of the trial reached us at the end of March, the assets were taken down. [...] The ROM was eventually posted (no further work was done after 2/18) and contained a few things not covered in the zip, thanks to the chaos surrounding the release. The original SGB border was posted alongside it and a full list of internal music names are included in it.")
IIMarckus responds to RacieB's accusation: "I do not dox people. I did not dox Ganix. [...] I neither know nor care about anything 4th gen, including beta sprites. I had zero involvement in this stupid drama. Leave me out of it. You accused me of spite over not being involved in Helix Chamber. Completely false. When I asked for full details, full details were given to me. I got exactly the level of involvement I was happy with. [...] You accused me of “outing” SW97 and the Red/Green backsprites as coming from the same source. I did no such thing, because Ganix asked me not to. I confirmed that SW97 came from the guy who got arrested, but only months after it was known behind the scenes and speculated in public."
A New Year: 2020

Ganix discusses the Pokéthon 2019 stream in the Hall of Origin Discord. ("I was right there off-screen [...] Like year Racie deffo fucked up, but she did it because of donation incentives (since it's all going to charity, which she still shouldn't have done) [...] they didn't even allow the runners to choose who sits on the couch [...] I had been planning the commentary and flow for weeks prior to the event, and they got fucking shredded because of shitty mismanagement on the part of Pokethon staff.")

He reveals some "things I haven't even said to this day" that were planned for the commentary, "like how the voices for Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow weren't actually the only voiced lines in the game, or how there was going to be a companion version to Yellow". (This was presumably the "Pokémon Pink" that would be discovered in the source code leak on 2020-04-11.)

He also states "I've already talked with a lawyer, and my little stunt with releasing things could be tried under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, which carries a $500,000 fine and 10 years in jail for each instance, but since all of that data was released prior to it coming out that it was stolen trade secret information, I'm more than likely not liable for trade secret misappropriation."

2020-02-01 Dr Lava publishes "Translation: Forgotten Story of Pokemon Blue’s Release", discussing the Japanese Pokémon Blue that revised sprites and other content from Red and Green.
2020-02-02 Serrys forwards a message from Ganix in the Team Spaceworld Discord: "if you have anything Riley ever had, delete it." ("I was asked to send this over, don't necessarily agree or disagree with it. Point is, if you wanna get out, get out while you can.") It's not clear why this advice was given at this particular time; possibly it was soon after Ganix "talked with a lawyer".
2020-02-04 Vice publishes "Read the FBI’s Damning Case Against the Recently Arrested Nintendo Hacker": discussing the arrest of Ryan Hernandez (aka ryanrocks, aka Ryan West) for repeatedly hacking Nintendo servers since 2016, and for possessing CP. (His hacks were unrelated to wack0's, and included more recent material for the Wii U, 3DS, and Switch rather than historical Pokémon-specific content. It's not clear just what he acquired or leaked publicly.)
2020-02-06 Ganix posts in the Hall of Origin Discord that the Pokéthon ROM contains "voice clips that were scrapped from Pokemon Yellow -- there were originally going to be way more Pokemon with actual voice clips rather than just Pikachu." (These would be discovered by /vp/ in the source code leak on 2020-04-11.)
2020-02-16 Helix Chamber publishes "A Naming Revolution": analyzing the internal cry filenames of Pokémon Battle Revolution and pairing them with final Pokémon names.
pret's pokeemerald decompilation reaches 100% source coverage.
2020-02-23 Dr Lava tweets "Lost Pokemon History of the Day: Deleted Tweets". ("I recently searched through Pokemon art director James Turner's entire Twitter history to extract development info. But as soon as I started sharing this info... James deleted ALL those tweets. [...] All this development info was wiped off the internet, but I still have every deleted tweet saved on my hard drive. As a courtesy, I asked James if he'd prefer I keep them private. However, he didn't respond -- so I don't think it's unethical for me to continue quoting them.")
2020-03-05 SimonTime tweets (and Helix Chamber retweets) a leak via of the Pokémon Dash "US Nintendo DS kiosk demo." Pokemon Dash (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk).nds (16,777,216)
Team Spaceworld Leaks: "Bad Data"

Anonymous leaks on 4chan /vp/ via (no longer available) (password 0209130762315017). ("I found a USB stick in my uncle's drawer and took it without him noticing. He works at nintendo I hope he's not mad.") It contains files all timestamped as 1999-01-01 01:00:00:

  • README.TXT: An explanation of the contents ("Good evening, here's some files from my uncle who works at Nintendo.")
  • BLUEMONS.GB: English debug ROM of Pokémon Blue (original timestamp "August 5, 1998 - 8:07:32 PM EDT")
  • YELLMONS.GBC: English debug ROM of Pokémon Yellow (original timestamp "April 28, 1999 - 1:56:46 AM EDT")
  • CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM: Original symbols for the Japanese Crystal build
  • screenshots: "some random prototype screenshots", including an internal GB manual; Nintendo's own Game Boy emulator; a Crystal debug menu; and a Pearl prototype ROM (misnamed Platinum)

A few people download it ("wait fuck, I think this is actually legit") but it gets very little attention. (1,007,317):
• BLUEMONS.GB (1,048,576)
• YELLMONS.GBC (1,048,576)
• CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM (212,925)
merrp posts in the Hall of Origin Discord asking Ganix to reveal an ACE he discovered for Pokémon Platinum from the original source code ("to avoid redoing work other people have done") and complains about "hoard[ing] knowledge rather than sharing it with the scene". Ganix replies "I found that information by analyzing something I shouldn't have ever seen [...] I'm not going to divulge tainted info". ("I'd love nothing more than to see these vectors found through legitimate means.") Eventually merrp is linked to the PokePlatinum disassembly from pret, which Ganix points out is his own work ("The commits there were before I was exposed to everything, and the local commits can't be pushed because of what happened").
2020-03-19 Ganix posts in the Hall of Origin Discord about "collectivists" who want everything published "regardless of circumstances or consequences" versus "preservationists" who curate data "for historical and archival purposes". ("I seriously had people in TCRF trying to look up my personal shit when I said I wouldn't release the name of the tester that I overwrote in the D/P proto. Literally buttmad about something that inconsequential.")

4chan /vp/ discusses the leak ("Hey, anon, where the fuck are you and where the fuck is all of the gen 3 debug ROMs you fucking son of a bitch?").

  • Someone uploads via the same contents as but without the password.
  • Someone leaks the symmaps.png image from the Team Spaceworld Discord ("A friend sent me this image — apparently someone he knows tried to map Crystal's unused maps to symbols here. Perhaps someone can verify it for me?"). (1,030,387) symmaps.png (767,009)
Helix Chamber tweets "Yeah it's real, just be careful with stuff like that. Symbols and internal documents in particular are something we don't want to directly possess or release and even talking about the information within is difficult. The large image posted in the thread is somewhat outdated too, "Arita" turned out to be "Arida", south of Osaka and west of Shingu (around Route 34 in final GS)." (Confirming that they had seen and analyzed the CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM and symmaps.png data.)
Ganix posts in the Hall of Origin Discord about the leak ("It's legit, it came from TSW, it's mostly stuff I gave them").
4chan /vp/ discussion of continues in part 2. Someone starts to leak screenshots of posts from the Team Spaceworld Discord.

GCL #gaming discusses the leak. Ganix posts "I don't know who did it, but that came from TSW. If you want proof, I can provide a screenshot that wasn't in that screenshot folder." and shares a screenshot of a prototype Pearl ROM. "Admittedly, I gave them BLUEMONS.GB, YELLMONS.GB, and CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM, which I was stupid for thinking they wouldn't be leaked, but hindsight's 20/20 I guess. TSW are a bunch of fucking children in my eyes at this point. I'm glad I jumped ship. [...] And I'm damn glad I didn't give them anything else aside from that, or this could have been very bad. [...] This guarantees I become a locked box though [despite having deleted everything he could still have shared?], trust for people was already at 0 and now this ain't doing any favors haha [...] TSW had very little data in totality, and they basically just posted everything they had (aside from additional screenshots). There's much more that TSW didn't have, and the stuff that was posted should've never even been posted in the first place. [...] It's bad data. It's data we never should've had in the first place. And posting any of that publicly only shows how untrustworthy TSW was -- even if only one person leaked it -- and how much of an absolute fucking idiot I was to give them anything at all." (His "bad data" remark becomes a meme on /vp/.)

He comes back to confirm that he made the Pokéthon ROM for Helix Chamber as Mura, comments that "PokeRed's code is a dumpster fire compared to even GF's pasgetti code", and claims he has "deleted literally everything."

4chan /vp/ discussion of Ganix's screenshots continues. Some people try doxxing him again through his accounts on Twitter, GitHub, etc; his Twitter accounts go private. Ganix apologizes to GCL for "dealing with this kinda thing on [his] behalf" and says "I can guarantee I'll be going totally dark on it from here on out."
pret #pret discusses the leak. RedDashGames (aka Leia Ivon Flame, aka Lady Leia, aka her ostensible brother KJ) appears from GCL ("and just like that Ganix got doxed.... agh...."), vaguely claims [paraphrased] that "Ganix's brilliant plan was to start a whole year-long trip to release development stuff when and where he likes" (despite what Ganix himself said), and trolls for some time about things like Metal Gear Solid leaks.
The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discusses the leak. Hugette Hikari (formerly Hugo Hikari) comments that 4chan is "under the impression that this server, teams like helix chamber, and others like it are out to hide and alter the original material and only release what they've carefully selected" and that "they're also under the impression that the red and green assets were combed over and helix chamber removed and altered whatever they pleased"; RacieB also mocks the idea that the Pokéthon asset leak was derived from "full source code". (Further leaks and statements from Helix Chamber would show all of these impressions to be accurate.) The #pokemon-discussion channel goes into slowmode and the word "4chan" is profanity-filtered.
The Hidden Palace #protos Discord discusses the leak. Catstorm comments "ive seen literally all this before; This is stuff shared with TSW" and that they "doubt anyone has that [Pearl] proto" after Ganix deleted all of his material. Responding to someone asking about "the one hacker" who got arrested for hacking Nintendo (wack0), Catstorm replies (since deleted) "Zammis [...] I dont think theres anything else that TSW has/had that is released now [...] The vault is emptied".
2020-03-29 4chan /vp/ discussion of continues in /ppg/, or "Pokémon Prototype General". This was the origin of the /ppg/ topic: "someone bitched when i titled #30 or whichever it was /pbg/ for pokémon beta general, so here we are". Someone continues to leak screenshots from the Team Spaceworld Discord, calling themselves "Someone who seeks knowledge, and the bane of hoarders".
2020-03-31 The Team Spaceworld Discord is hidden and archived: "There is nothing left to be done here but drama and nothing to leak but personal information. [...] Thanks for the effort two years ago. It was a hectic but great time."
2020-04-01 Helix Chamber publishes "RG Proto Move Analysis, Part 1: Mirror Move": the first part of analyzing the move lists from the prototype Pokémon/Capumon asset leak.
2020-04-04 Ganix posts in the Hall of Origin Discord that "the actual Mew creation subroutine was something I included in the Pokethon ROM." ("In order to activate it, you have to go to the Celadon Pokemon Center, then press Start + Select + Up + A, and after that, the official Mew distribution functionality will run".)

4chan /ppg/ continues in part 2.

  • Someone posts "Gen3 src contains festa data (base stats, evolutions, learnsets, trainers, trainer parties) and a few backups of old dex data. Festa had half of the gen3 pokemon different... And different stats/movesets for each of the unowns... no sprites. [...] [How do you know what's in gen 3 source?] Because I've seen it? [...] Just because I've seen it doesn't mean I still have it, silly. [...] Backups of pokedex entry data, with some differences and lots unwritten. Because it's final gen3 src, the entire sprite file was overwritten with newer data. Festa stuff is leftovers." (This was corroborated by the Gen 3 source leak on 2020-05-18.)
  • Someone posts "Some time back(maybe 2018) an internal list of all snes, game boy, etc, old system releases got leaked. It listed every game released on those systems, and every revision. I wonder if that came from wack0, too. The no-intro guys have it right now, apparently. I've not seen any links to it." A reply confirms "Yeah, that's from wack0." These spreadsheets were shared privately within VGPC on 2018-09-09, and would be publicly leaked on 4chan on 2020-04-10.
  • Someone posts "hiccup(who is one of the main datters for no-intro) back in 2018 said he obtained all of the wiiware and dsiware titlekeys(crypto keys that let you download+decrypt games from Nintendo's servers). That shit still hasn't been added to no-intro, annoyingly. But it had to have come from wack0, too." These title keys were shared privately within VGPC on 2018-07-07, and would be publicly leaked on 4chan on 2020-04-27.
2020-04-07 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 3.
2020-04-10 In the /ppg/ part 3 thread, someone leaks via, containing spreadsheets with "the full list of ROMs for all platforms", including "Satellaview and 64DD". (These were shared privately within VGPC on 2018-09-09.) (7,054,881)
4chan /ppg/ continues in part 4.
MaryWeeb's pokediamond decompilation of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl begins.

Anonymous leaks on 4chan /vp/ via (no longer available) ("Pokemon Gold/Silver dev builds with corresponding debug roms", "blah blah blah my uncle blah blah blah nintendo.,..") It contains files all timestamped as 2020-12-25 13:37:00:

  • README.TXT: An explanation of the contents ("This is an archive containing four roms of japanese Pokémon Gold and Silver. Two of them are debug roms, the other two are release roms. All of the timestamps are for february 3rd, 2000, three months after release.")
  • fixed/MONSGD.gbc and fixed/MONSSD.gbc: Japanese debug ROMs of Pokémon Gold and Silver
  • fixed/MONSGN.gbc and fixed/MONSSN.gbc: Japanese non-debug ROMs of Pokémon Gold and Silver
  • research: A directory containing "two assembler output files, a symbol file that matches exactly with the previously leaked CRYSTAL_BY_NUM.SYM, and a ranges file, that spells out what parts of the rom are code or data"
  • Contains the original ROM files (they "contain a header with a wrong MBC type, which will cause them to crash in most emulators") and pokGSC_DebugMenu_Manual.xlsx ("a spreadsheet, timestamped april 7th, 2017, which explains how the debug menus work. This file might have been used to test the virtual console releases.")

ax6 later acknowledges helping with this leak and with the previous "someone asked me to clean that archive before it was posted and I did that timestamp thing as part of the cleanup [...] I don't know where they came from nor who ended up uploading the file" and "that doesn't mean there's nothing scheduled for Christmas, of course; I picked that date for its obvious significance, but someone might've taken it as a chance to plan something." (13,024,122):
• MONSGD.gbc (1,048,576)
• MONSSD.gbc (1,048,576)

The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discussion continues. RacieB posts that 4chan "felt entitled to know the source [of the Pokéthon assets], despite that endangering the chances of ever getting anything again"; Hugette Hikari agrees "that entitlement led to delusions of much more valuable things being kept hidden, like the source code for gen 1" (an hour before someone would leak the source code for Gen 1).

RacieB also mentions "The Pokéthon rom is a combination of a ton of legit g1 assets, including debug stuff, if anyone is actually interested in g1 development they should really look into it more" (things that were not in the assets released by Helix Chamber).

She also apologizes to IIMarckus for accusing him of doxxing Ganix on 2019-12-26. ("I'm really honestly sorry, I know now that it wasn't you who doxxed Ganix, I lashed out in anger and really shouldn't have been so quick to point any fingers without knowing for sure.") IIMarckus accepts her apology.

Original Source Leaks: /ppg/ Pokémon Prototype Generals

In the same 4chan /vp/ thread as, someone leaks via ("Expires one day pls mirror. Solve the challenge and enjoy. This where lots of helixchamber shit came from.") It contains a password-protected and a readme.txt: "not giving pass. the zip file has in it the final YellowUS rom, crc matches. use that for your known plaintext attack, it'll take seconds." The password is soon found to be poke1024. It contains the Pokémon Blue (blue8M) and Yellow (yellow) source code that Helix Chamber used to create the Pokéthon 2019 ROM hack.

  • Someone finds "a reference to Pokemon Pink. Clefairy version perhaps?" There is further debate over whether Clefairy or Jigglypuff might have been intended as the mascot for a Pink Version. (23,888,957):
• (24,574,713):
◦ blue8M
◦ yellow
The Hall of Origin Discord discusses the leaks. Ganix posts "I know who that particular leaker was [for], and I'd hardly say they were all in cahoots necessarily."
2020-04-12 Anonymous posts on 4chan /vp/ via (no longer available) ("blah blah blah my uncle blah blah blah nintendo....", "Pokémon Ruby stuff, 6 letters, good luck") It's password-protected and, when cracked, turns out to be a hoax: "It's a rickroll", "password is "achamo"" (the Japanese name for Torchic).

4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 5 and 6.

  • Someone leaks via anonfiles Ganix's CRYSTAL_DEBUG.ips from 2018 ("This is a slightly more "complete" debug patch for crystal, which adds some of the code Ganix had access to.").
  • ax6 posts a disassembly of the differences between retail and debug Crystal, and points out a likely typo jr instruction ("That was a binary hack, and a careless one").
  • Someone posts "A page containing comparisons between the early and final translations for Pokemon Blue is done."
CRYSTAL_DEBUG.ips (1,846)
The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discussion continues. RacieB posts to explain that Ganix created the Pokéthon ROM from the now-leaked Blue and Yellow source code. ("Nobody else in HC touched or had the files [...] Gan built it based on our specifications")
2020-04-13 4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 7, 8, and 9.
The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discussion continues. RacieB posts "god I wish I could have finished Kotora version [...] we were originally going to release all four versions of the restoration, only the "green" one ended up coming out and it's unfinished [...] I'm really sad it didn't end up getting finished", and shares some of the Kotora art she made for the now-canceled Pokéthon ROM. She also comments "I think a VM was used for the Pokéthon ROM" after someone on /vp/ posts "the blue and yellow sources can now be compiled" with a working Makefile.

4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 10 and 11.

The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discussion continues. RacieB posts that the Pokéthon ROM was "a speculative restoration" that used sources of information besides the asset leak, such as early names for Pokémon like "Scaribou" (which Nob Ogasawara suggested for Stantler), or old "PokéGod" rumors like "Charcolt".
2020-04-15 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 12.
2020-04-16 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 13.
2020-04-17 libjet's pokegold-debug disassembly of the MONSGD.gbc Japanese Pokémon Gold debug ROM begins.
4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 14, 15, and 16.
2020-04-18 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 17.
2020-04-19 4chan /vp/ discusses the concept art girl "from Sugimori's early sketches theorized to be a canned protagonist".
2020-04-20 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 18.
2020-04-21 4chan /vp/ discusses Pokémon Pink separately from the /ppg/ general threads, including their plans to create a hack inspired by it.

4chan /ppg/ continues in part 19.

  • At exactly 15:00:00, someone leaks via (no longer available) Gen2.7z. ("Enjoy.") It contains a lot of material, including:
    • Gold, Silver, and Crystal source code, in Japanese and all localizations
    • The Space World '99 demos NSW_G_C.GBC and NSW_S_C.GBC
    • Hundreds of GSC development builds
    • Backed-up early content including unused Pokémon sprite designs
    • Teruki Murakawa's Game Boy emulator
    • Satoru Iwata's compression program, VPACKSUB.C
  • Takoto posts " Unused Gold Sprites are up, adding the Silver sprites as we speak (which is a fuck ton, almost none were actually used in the final)". They soon take the site offline. ("In order to avoid getting BTFO'd by Nintendo lawyers, I have removed the sprites from the 24.04.2020 source code dump. If you need me, I can be found at @Takoto on twitter.")
Gen2.7z (822,281,000):
4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 20, 21, 22, and 23.

The Hall of Origin Discord discusses the Gen2.7z leak. Ganix posts "I can only account for what Riley took, but it spans from Gen 1 to Gen 5".

Ganix also posts (since deleted) "Fuck it, old pics, posting this here for completeness, they're all deleted from my computer. Here's what you can probably look forward to though if you're into all this leak stuff." with screenshots of a Mystery Dungeon debug ROM, FR/LG debug menus, and Ranger files. (All of this was leaked on 4chan as paladin.7z on 2020-09-30.)

Sanqui later clarifies that "the screenshots he posted were the same screenshots Riley had made and shared with me, so I believe Ganix didn't have the actual files, just those exact screenshots, and he explained himself poorly."

Mystery Dungeon debug
FR/LG debug
Ranger debug
2020-04-25 4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30.
Dr Lava tweets about the Gen 2 leak, but deletes them. He explains (since deleted) "After a phone call just now, I've decided to delete some tweets I made earlier today. If you look around, you'll see others doing the same." People panic that Nintendo could be taking legal action and start taking down their own posts about the leak, based on hearsay like "Lava said in another discord that apparently they're (Nintento) are drawing up a list of names re: leakers"; Dr Lava's comments elsewhere that it was "not a C&D" do not dispel rumors. Documentation sites including and are taken down.
The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discusses the Gen 2 leaks. RacieB posts "Ganix had g1 and g4 and deleted them without leaking anything besides assets, someone else unknown dropped the blue/yellow stuff."

4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35.

  • In /ppg/ part 33, a post starts a copypasta:
    "i faked it. i reverse engineered the gold silver and crystal source code and intentionally made the privramming super incompotent as a joke. i then proceed to do that 600 more times with very minor tweaks to the translation also as a joke. i then wrote code by iwata that wasn't incompotent as a joke. i also made a new bad gameboy emulator as a joke. i then drew hundreds of sprites ranging from barely started to completely finalized and wrote dex entries and fake moves for everything as a joke. and i did this in six languages as a joke.
    you all fell for it"
  • In /ppg/ part 35, a post mentions that wack0 "leaked iQue stuff & wiiware/dsiware encryption keys too, and a master list of all nintendo game releases, so probably had access to more than just GF".

4chan /ppg/ continues in part 36.

  • Discussion of the DSiWare and WiiWare title keys continues. (">no-intro received the master lists and dsi/wii title keys from wack0. [...] Hiccup [posted] the master lists in that discord, NOT the title keys. Don't spread misinformation. The reason we know they received keys from wack0 is from a romshepherd post casually mentioning it. [...] Those keys were never released anywhere.")

4chan /ppg/ continues in part 37.

  • Someone leaks via (password UYauVDj1vH25O9WS) Dwx95fZSGFDx74sc.7z, containing a text file dsititlekeys.txt with 1,678 DSiWare title keys. (As a "rectification" of the lack of a public leak so far.)
  • Someone leaks via (password B24Z6t5GDSJaZkHr) 4p7fGihlz7DW68nc.7z, containing a text file wiititlekeys.txt with 88 WiiWare title keys. ("doesn't include ones that can be found in commonly shared WADs")
  • Someone leaks (most via, larger 00040000001A8A00.cia via MEGA) ten 3DS titles:
  • Someone leaks via all3dstitleids.txt ("all 3ds title ids (10815), if you could append the titlekey to each of them") and 3dstitlekeys-p2p.txt ("5677 3ds title keys from p2p sharing, 99% of them are unverified, but they are likely to be ~90% correct").
Dwx95fZSGFDx74sc.7z (32,994):
• dsititlekeys.txt
4p7fGihlz7DW68nc.7z (2,112):
• wiititlekeys.txt
mon9jw.cia (6,871,296)
vqt3ix.cia (34,162,944)
zcsiox.cia (87,062,848)
mrv97y.cia (6,342,912)
t8uh79.cia (88,422,720)
ed383s.cia (114,764,032)
ip4b4w.cia (118,655,232)
tvq84j.cia (136,624,384)
8mb82u.cia (411,968)
00040000001A8A00.cia (3,326,630,144)
4chan /ppg/ continues in part 38.

4chan /ppg/ continues in part 39.

  • The person continuing the 3DS ROMs leaks via MEGA 000400000001A8A00.3120.cia, a debug build of Pokémon Ultra Sun. ("uploading other versions too.")
000400000001A8A00.3120.cia (3,326,630,144)

4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 40 and 41.

  • In /ppg/ part 40, the person continuing the 3DS ROMs leaks via MEGA 000400000001A8A00.1040.cia and 000400000001A8A00.2080.cia, debug builds of Pokémon Sun and Ultra Sun.
000400000001A8A00.1040.cia (3,326,814,464)
000400000001A8A00.2080.cia (3,835,099,456)
2020-04-29 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 42.
2020-04-30 4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 43, 44, and 45.
The TCRF #pokemon-discussion Discord discusses potential leaks. RacieB mentions that "Ganix was good friends with wack0 and didn't want him to get in further trouble, it's not any more complicated than that", and that she "met Ganix at Pokéthon and they were visibly very nervous even then, they're quite serious about [legal consequences]".
2020-05-01 In /ppg/ part 45, someone leaks via unsorted.7z, containing source code, SDKs, and documentation for the iQue Player and Wii. unsorted.7z (952,693,184)
In /ppg/ part 45, someone claims "The reason the existence of Pokemon Pink was hidden was because the idea of a "girl's only" Pokemon game was deemed sexist. People in Helix Chamber didn't like the implications, so they avoided it." ax6 asks in the pret Discord for clarification ("@SatoMew do you mind asking your HC friends if this is true?"); SatoMew replies "The reason was that there wasn't much to work with", confirming that Helix Chamber was aware of the information before Pokéthon 2019. (Although SatoMew themself was not a member of Helix Chamber until after Pokéthon.)
4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 46, 47, and 48.
Dr Lava tweets to clarify his 2020-04-25 tweet: "I *was not* C&D'ed, I was informed by a friend (doesn't want his name used) that I'm vulnerable to legal action. I apologize I caused confusion, and that I still can't fully clarify. This is my first time in this sort of situation so I'm being careful." and "I clarified it wasn't a C&D in the comments, and on the PPG Discord the same day."
2020-05-02 4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 49 and 50.

4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 51 and 52.

  • Rangi42 (aka Rangi, aka Sylvie) posts "I'm documenting some of the removed code and data in the leaked Gen 2 source as it relates to the disassembled pokecrystal source. Filename citations, translating the Japanese code to English, and complete explanations are still in progress."
2020-05-04 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 53.
2020-05-05 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 54.
2020-05-06 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 55.
2020-05-07 In /ppg/ part 55, someone leaks via hw.7z, containing header files of the 3DS version of Horizon OS. hw.7z (189,856)
4chan /ppg/ continues in part 56.
2020-05-08 4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 57 and 58.
2020-05-09 In /ppg/ part 58, someone leaks via KTR_System_Writing_Program_JAN_EUR_JB1_ver.1.00_3870_11.2_Release.master.csu, "factory firmware setup cartridge for european New2DS XL". KTR_System_Writing_Program_JAN_EUR_JB1_ver.1.00_3870_11.2_Release.master.csu (343,629,824)
In /ppg/ part 58, the same person leaks via 3DS_manu.7z, the complete factory files for EUR New 2DS XL (including the files from the previous leak). 3DS_manu.7z (934,662,288)
4chan /ppg/ continues in part 59.
2020-05-12 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 60.
2020-05-15 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 61.
2020-05-17 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 62.
Dr Lava publishes "Translation: Creating the Eevee Family", translating an interview with Game Freak's designers from September 2018 that was published in an "EVs" artbook, and discusses the original process of creating a new Pokémon.
2020-05-18 In /ppg/ part 62, someone leaks via gen3.7z, containing the source code for Japanese Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, and LeafGreen. gen3.7z (549,663,565):
• graphictext_FRLG0405.xls
• pmrs.html
• pmfrlg.html
• pmeme.html
• layout0129.xls
• PokeEme.exe
4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 63 and 64.
2020-05-19 4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 65 and 66.
pret #pret discusses the Gen 3 source leak. Sanqui claims that "cleanroom is dead [...] it was moribund for the past two years but at least we could try to deny it [...] it was moribund because we knew the sources were coming [...] neither tcrf nor helix has had the sources, mind you".
2020-05-20 pret's pokeruby disassembly reaches 100% source coverage.
2020-05-21 In /ppg/ part 66, someone leaks via zckybq.cia, "xy distribution rom for debug". ("includes debug cros. encrypted for devkit not retail, you need to re-encrypt to install it.") zckybq.cia (36,176,832)
4chan /ppg/ continues in part 67.
Helix Chamber tweets an excerpt from an interview with Satoshi Tajiri and Tsunekazu Ishihara: "Ishihara tells how American staff tried to redesign the "overly cute" Pokémon for Americans, such as... a tabby cat-like humanized Pikachu with large breasts, like something out of Cats. (!?)"
2020-05-22 pret's pokecrystal disassembly matches the LZ compression with ax6's lzcomp update.
2020-05-23 In /ppg/ part 67, someone leaks via, containing the Japanese Pokémon Diamond and Pearl source code (checked out from a CVS repository). (Posted responding to "Hey based leaker. We've dug through Gen 3 in and out. It's time for you to give us the Emerald stuff or Gen 4 source.") (63,146,637)
Someone discovers in the file zukan_data.xls from a reference to "リザーガン" (rizāgan, "Lizargun") between Magmortar and Porygon-Z. It is speculated to be a split evolution of Charizard , which could have been a hydra or had gun/armament/tank elements; this concept could have been reused in Gen 5 as Hydreigon.
In /ppg/ part 67, someone leaks via ctr.7z, containing source code and documentation for the Nintendo 3DS ("CTR" being an internal codename for 3DS-related things). (Posted "hos" responding to "gen4 is old news now, we've had it for like what 3 hours? cmon leakchad had we don't have all day here".) ctr.7z (763,673,259)
In /ppg/ part 67, someone leaks via svn_v1.068.7z, containing source code for the 3DS's Virtual Console. (Posted responding to "I wonder if there's any VC code in here, hmm".) (17,457,103)
4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 68 and 69.
2020-05-24 In /ppg/ part 68, someone leaks via ctr-etc.7z ("ctr misc"), containing more source code for the 3DS. ctr-etc.7z (930,360,961)
4chan /ppg/ continues in part 70.
2020-05-25 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 71.
2020-05-27 4chan /ppg/ continues in parts 72 and 73.
2020-05-29 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 74. Someone posts the Wii/DSi/3DS/Wii U titlekey generation algorithm, written in PHP:
php -r 'function secret($start,$len) { $ret = ""; $add = $start + $len; for ($i = 0; $i < $len; $i++) { $ret .= pack("H*", substr(sprintf("%02x", $start), -2)); $next = $start + $add; $add = $start; $start = $next; } return $ret; } function mungetid($tid) { while (substr($tid,0,2) == "00") $tid = substr($tid, 2); if ($tid == "") $tid = "00"; return pack("H*", $tid); } $SECRET = secret(-3, 10); function derive($tid, $pass) { global $SECRET; return hash_pbkdf2("sha1", $pass, md5($SECRET . mungetid($tid), true), 20, 32); } function derive_all($tid) { $passes = ["nintendo", "mypass"]; foreach ($passes as $pass) printf("%s : %s [%s]\n", $tid, derive($tid, $pass), $pass); } derive_all($argv[1]);' 000400000010DE00
Wii/DSi/3DS/Wii U titlekey generation algorithm
2020-05-30 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 75.
2020-06-01 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 76.
2020-06-02 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 77.
2020-06-03 Dr Lava tweets "Shortly before Gen 4's release, a GBA-style Flash game called Pokemon Garden launched on Japanese Yahoo Kids, where players explored a Game Boy building with one room for each generation. The game is currently being restored. [...] My friend Darkshade is presently looking for any and all information related to Pokemon Garden so he can rebuild the game as it once existed."
2020-06-04 mvit posts in the /ppg/ Discord "we got garden assets, currently organizing, will post backup on". Darkshade explains "mvit and I have been investigating 3 missing games that were hosted on Yahoo Kids Japan, a majority of the art assets have now been recovered and archived, we believe there is enough available to revive it, although all dialogue is missing". (1,319,763)
2020-06-05 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 78.
Helix Chamber tweets "Here's something to tide you over: This interview with Nintendo producer Takashi Kawaguchi talks about Pokémon's initial development. As it turns out, Tajiri's friend and producer, Tsunekazu Ishihara, helped resume the game's development after 3 years." (The replies: "why dont you talk about cool news like the recent emerald source code or gold source?" "No idea") This was their most recent tweet since the source code leaks started, as discussed on 2020-09-02, until their New Year post.
2020-06-06 Dr Lava tweets "Thanks to community members -- especially Mvit -- who came forward after my Twitter thread a few days ago seeking assets for the lost game Pokemon Garden. These new assets brought us much closer to being able to recreate the game! [...] In addition to Pokemon Garden, two more official Flash originally hosted on Japanese Yahoo Kids have also been recovered -- Pokemon Mazeland and Pokemon Sky Tower."
2020-06-10 4chan /ppg/ continues in part 79. Someone posts "I do think this should probably be the final thread, since nothing has happened in the past few weeks."
pret's pokegold disassembly reaches 100% coverage.
2020-06-17 The Isle of Armor expansion pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield released worldwide.
2020-07-12 GCL announces that "in an effort to preserve the sixteen years of clean room research," they will be "reverting the wiki to March 31st" (losing months of edits), and locking and archiving their wiki, forums, and Discord. "The goal of this process is to allow a new community to form in GCL's place."
Retro Ali creates the Glitch City Research Institute Discord as a successor to GCL.
2020-07-13 pret's pokegold disassembly adds the mons2_gld_ps3_debug.bin and mons2_slv_ps3_debug.bin debug ROMs.
pret's pokecrystal disassembly adds the CRYSTAL_ps3_010328d.bin and CRYSTAL_ps3_us_revise_010710d.bin debug ROMs.
2020-07-14 Sanqui posts on GCL's shutdown announcement, reflecting on his time in the Pokémon community, including the SW97 leak. ("It was a bit over three years ago when __ dropped the link to the Space World '97 demo of Pokémon Gold/Silver into the pret discord. [...] It was the prototype. Pokémon Gold before the reboot. I remember that just a few weeks before then, I was telling people about the rough development Gold/Silver has seen, and how I would give a kidney for a prototype. [...] Recognizing the significance of this prototype, I set to collect the most acclaimed Pokémon hackers, reverse engineers, translators, and historians in one place in order to dissect this prototype. [...] At no point did I possess anything else, like prototypes or source code, that was not released to the public, except for a bunch of screenshots, and I had nothing to do with the future leaks.")
2020-07-16 pret's pokered disassembly adds the BLUEMONS.GB debug ROM. ("Only BLUEMONS.GB was available for comparison, so this does not build a debug Red ROM.")
The Gigaleaks

Someone posts on 4chan /vp/ "ppg leak time: fuck ganix". They leak via 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z, netcard.7z, and other.7z. This becomes known as the "Gigaleak" for the gigabytes of various content:

  • The CVS repository of source code for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, with commits since 2006-03-08
  • Lotcheck ROMs of NES and Famicom games
  • Source code and prototypes of multiple SNES games
  • Source code and ROM files for the unreleased iQue NetCard
  • CGB and AGB bootrom source code
20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z (587,030,015)
netcard.7z (1,112,839,263)
other.7z (373,230,997):
• CGB.7z
• dmg.7z
• Famicom_NES.7z
• NEWS.7z
• SFC.7z
4chan /vp/ discussion of the Gigaleak continues in part 2.

4chan /vp/ discussion of the Gigaleak continues in part 3. Someone leaks via bbgames.7z. This becomes known as the "Gigaleak 2". It contains a CVS repository with source code (some incomplete) for many N64 and some GBA games, originally sent from Nintendo to iQue for Chinese localization. The games include:

  • 1080° Snowboarding
  • Animal Crossing
  • Dr. Mario 64
  • F-Zero X
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Star Fox 64
  • Super Mario 64
  • Super Mario Advance
  • Wario Land 4
  • Wave Race 64
  • Yoshi's Story
bbgames.7z (3,616,516,360)
4chan /vp/ discussion of the Gigaleak continues in part 4.
The Super Secret Nintendo Club Discord server is created to discuss the Gigaleak.
Neverlynn posts on Reddit /r/Gameboy "OwO notices NetCard what's this???" with pictures of a prototype iQue NetCard ("im selling this to the highest bidder").
2020-07-26 4chan /vp/ discussion of the Gigaleak continues in part 5.

4chan /vp/ discussion of the Gigaleak continues in part 6.

2020-08 Literally nothing happened in August 2020. =P
2020-09-01 GCL shuts down, as announced on 2020-07-12.

Someone leaks on 4chan /vp/ via emeralds.7z. It contains:

  • BOOT-DIAG.7z: Nintendo Wii software for Boot Diagnosis
  • pm_eme_ose.7z: Pokémon Emerald source code, including the pokeviewer tool
  • RVL-FFWP.7z: Wii VC - Donkey Kong: Original Edition (PAL)
  • RVL-RAAE.7z: Wii Startup Disc
  • RVL-WTester.7z: Wii Wifi Tester application
  • tako_main_052306.tgz: ATI Verilog files and build environment for the Hollywood Graphics chip (Vegas/Tako)
emeralds.7z (742,217,457):
• pm_eme_ose.7z:
◦ pokeviewer
• RVL-WTester.7z
• tako_main_052306.tgz
Helix Chamber's policy (discussed privately) is "we aren't covering source assets and stuff on HC at all until its 100% safe to, we're only working with the g1 "asset leak" and g2 spaceworld for articles". The plan is to change this "when it's shown that nobody else gets in trouble (which I think should be safe around march [2021])".
2020-09-03 4chan /vp/ discussion of the Emerald leak continues in part 2.

Someone leaks on 4chan /vp/ via platinum.7z. Some people refer to it as the "Gigaleak 3". It contains:

  • 20090512.rar: Nintendo Wii startup disc from May 2009
  • Pokémon Platinum source code
  • dmg_sgb.7z: Lotcheck ROMS of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, including unreleased ones like Pokémon Picross, Lunar Chase (an English translation of X), Kirby Family, Workboy, and hundreds of other previously unseen ROMs
  • ntr-bootrom.7z: Nintendo DS bootrom
  • A patch for Platinum source
  • A patch for Platinum source
  • twl.7z: Nintendo DSi material

In the same thread, someone leaks via generic.7z. It contains:

  • DSiWareROM.rar: Many DSiWare ROMs sent from Nintendo to iQue
  • ro.rar: Chinese versions of some DSiWare ROMs
  • sd.rar: Contents of an iQue developer's or tester's SD card
  • windows.rar: The DPDeliver program to create a Pokémon distribution event ROM for Gen 4

In the same thread, someone leaks via from_Nintendo.rar. It contains many DSiWare-related files and ROMs emailed from Nintendo to iQue.

People discuss the identity of the leakers uploading these files, and why MEGA links appear shortly after anonfiles ones. Someone posts "As the one who posted the mega links for the 2nd and 3rd files (idk who posted the 1st one) I can tell you [...] that im not in whatever circlejerk leaker group there is, its just knowing how to manage your internet and bandwidth properly for best efficiency and actually having good internet, and knowing anonfile proxies. There's no conspiracy theory here you bored fucks, go home".

platinum.7z (2,930,979,508)
generic.7z (1,816,498,498)
from_Nintendo.rar (1,846,367,382)
4chan /vp/ discusses the Platinum/Picross leak.
mid-kid's pokepicross disassembly of Pokémon Picross begins.
2020-09-11 4chan /vp/ discussion of the Platinum/Picross leak continues in part 2.
2020-09-15 The rgbds GitHub repository (used by the pret disassemblies) moves from rednex to the gbdev organization, along with improved documentation.
2020-09-16 Someone posts in 4chan /vp/ "ppg leak thread: angry masuda". The leak turns out to be "Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e", a hentai game, but some discussion of the real leaks continues.
2020-09-19 The Pokémon Company tweets (now deleted) "Porygon did nothing wrong" to jokingly celebrate Pokémon GO featuring Porygon during its September Community Day. This was referencing the anime episode featuring Porygon that caused seizures in 1997. The tweet received some replies complaining about the reference to the "Hitler did nothing wrong" meme, and the tweet was later deleted.
2020-09-24 The digitization company Sei-Syou Inc. publishes an interview with Game Freak's Shiho Haraguchi, revealing that they were hired to digitize Game Freak's archived documents from since the 80s, including Capumon material. This is tweeted by Aleph ℵ and reported by Gaming Reinvented and TechRaptor.
2020-09-27 LeonarthCG releases an English translation patch for Pokémon Picross. ("The patch is almost complete, the entire story, the titlescreen, the tutorials, the menus and the puzzle names are all done, even the Game Boy Printer error messages have been translated. The exceptions are the Pokédex and Safari Album, which remain in Japanese.")
2020-09-28 Aleph ℵ tweets "Did you know? GAME FREAK used Legos to properly create the 3D environments of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl." This brings attention to an image from 2016-07-07 of the Sinnoh map, which turns out to have some differences from the final map that correspond to early stages of the leaked Diamond and Pearl development history.
2020-09-29 Forest of Illusion tweets (now deleted) "Today we have released 24 Nintendo DS prototypes which were donated to us anonymously. All of the carts were thrown away in early 2019, found, and then sold. We only have 24 out of all of the ones in the images below. Anyone know where the rest is? We'd love to preserve them [...]" The tweet had photos (1 2 3) of the cartridges. The archive (now deleted) included POKEMON_B2_IREO01_00.nds, a retail (not prototype) copy of Pokémon Black 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced). They explained "Had to pull today's release of NDS prototypes. Seems the situation behind them is quite messy. Long story short: the seller of them gave copies of ROMs to a handful of people who bought other cartridges, and there was an agreement between buyers not to release yet. Someone who had copies of these ROMs spread them around a little bit before I got a hold of them. Seems they had lied in their agreement." The ROMs are still available on (811,163,421)

Someone leaks on 4chan /vp/ via paladin.7z ("you waited long enough"). It contains:

  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon GBA and NDS debug ROMs
  • Pokémon Ranger E3 demo ROMs and localization builds
  • Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen debug ROMs
  • Wii .wad files for the iQue NetCard
  • Lotcheck ROMs of Famicom Disc System games
  • Nintendo 3DS firmware bootrom source code
  • Various 3DS and DSi development tools
  • SDK files for IRIS, codename for the planned successor to the Game Boy Advance before the two-screen DS was conceived as NITRO

Someone points out "So we got all the stuff we know from Ganix in months ago?" "Everything specific, yes. There *might* be Gen 5 stuff coming, Riley was said to have gen 1-5 and this leak has Black2 retail."

paladin.7z (2,438,738,380)
2020-10-01 4chan /vp/ discussion of the Ranger/Mystery Dungeon leak continues in part 2.
2020-10-06 4chan /vp/ discussion of the Ranger/Mystery Dungeon leak continues in part 3.
Return of the Leaks: Gen 7–8

Someone posts on 4chan /vp/ "ppg leak thread: i don't know what to name this edition". They leak via ios-releases.tar.7z.001, ios-releases.tar.7z.002, and ios-releases.tar.7z.003, which together contain various version of the Wii firmware (nothing to do with Apple's iOS).

They also leak via, containing the Git repository with source code for Gen 7, including both Pokémon Sun and Moon, and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (a surprise since it was expected that wack0 only acquired material up to Gen 4 or Gen 5, not Gen 7).

They also leak via wiidump.7z, containing Wii development tools.

ios-releases.tar.7z.001 (4,294,967,296)
ios-releases.tar.7z.002 (4,294,967,296)
ios-releases.tar.7z.003 (3,436,014,938) (752,870,668)
wiidump.7z (2,853,553,005)
4chan /vp/ discussion of the US/UM leak continues in part 2.
2020-10-18 4chan /vp/ discussion of the US/UM leak continues in part 3.
2020-10-19 4chan /vp/ discussion of the US/UM leak continues in part 4.

In the /ppg/ part 4 thread, someone leaks via (password ejfid934), containing a debug prototype ROM of Pokémon Sword from 2017-12-22 (expected to be an LGPE prototype before the password was cracked). ("upstaging crown dumbdra?")

They also leak via (password JF9034jf), containing another debug prototype ROM of Pokémon Sword from 2018-03-26. ("expected known plaintext attack to be done by now, did i expect too much from a zimbabwean vuvuzela blowing forum") (4,106,379,559) (3,157,719,053)
4chan /vp/ discussion of the Sword leak continues in parts 5, 6, and 7.
2020-10-22 In the /ppg/ part 7 thread, someone leaks via anonfiles and (password f9fdja9), which together contain another debug prototype ROM of Pokémon Sword from 2018-05-25. (4,294,967,296) (1,803,361,276)
In the /ppg/ part 7 thread, someone leaks via beta_keys.7z, which contains the dev.keys, prod.keys, and title.keys files needed to decrypt the Pokémon Sword ROMs with hactool. ("commands to decrypt is hactool --keyset dev.keys -x -y develop_Develop_264_20180326134219_Sword\main.nsp -t pfs0 --outdir=output") beta_keys.7z (30,079)
4chan /vp/ discussion of the Sword leak continues in parts 8, 9, and 10.
2020-10-23 The Crown Tundra expansion pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield released worldwide.

Someone posts on 4chan /vp/ "ppg leak thread: social credit score edition". They leak via AirLink.7z, an 8 GB archive. The thread is quickly deleted, but discussion continues as people wait for it to download, speculating that it could be related to Pelican Accessories' Air Link wireless GBA connector. It turns out to just be customer data leaked from Airlink International UAE earlier in 2020.

2020-11-07 pret's pokeyellow disassembly adds the YELLMONS.GB debug ROM.
2020-11-11 James Turner tweets two images from "an ancient 2009 portfolio with the original designs [he] did for the Pokémon Battle Revolution characters".
2020-11-12 Dmitry Grinberg publishes "complete device takeover & first-ever ROM dump using infrared" of the PokéWalker, a pedometer that interacted with Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
2020-11-17 Forest of Illusion tweets "As a wise Pokémon leaker once said: "moar". Here are four never-before-seen prototypes of Pokémon Rumble World for the 3DS. Enjoy!" They release the four prototype ROMs as poke1.rar, poke2.rar, poke3.rar, and poke4.rar on poke1.rar (365,258,961)
poke2.rar (363,040,934)
poke3.rar (226,234,314)
poke4.rar (226,241,607)
2020-11-28 Uri Geller tweets that he is "truly sorry for what [he] did 20 years ago" and gives Nintendo permission to make TCG cards of Kadabra, which they had not done since Geller sued them.
2020-12-01 Ryan Hernandez, the Nintendo hacker whose arrest was reported by Vice on 2020-02-04, is sentenced to "three years in prison" for "federal crimes related to his computer hacking scheme and his possession of [CP]."
2020-12-05 Nob Ogasawara (aka Douglas Dinsdale) tweets "I've been musing about the possible names for these #Pokemon Gen 2 prototypes, 237 (tentatively Wolfman and Warwolf in JP). I came up with 237 Worfurs and 238 Wearlycan. Beside the obvious cosplay and werewolf references, I managed to sneak in a third reference. (*proud*)" After nobody guessed the third reference, he gave some hints, and finally confirmed the names to be puns on "Bofors and Oerlikon (Swiss weapon manufacturers known for antiaircraft flak cannons)".
2020-12-08 pret's pokegold disassembly reaches 100% label documentation.
2020-12-16 Frozen Fennec publishes a Bulbapedia article about the "Pokémon Gold and Silver Spaceworld '97 Demo" after having written it in their private user namespace. (From the talk page: "Thanks a bunch, waited so long to be able to move these pages.~")
Moar Leaks: Christmas 2020
2020-12-21 Someone posts on 4chan /vp/ "ppg leak thread: dying edition". They leak via, which contains a Nintendo Switch SDK from 2015-11-24; and Documents.7z, which contains various documents discussing Nintendo's efforts to secure their hardware and software, including plans for a "knock and talk" from when Neimod cracked the 3DS in 2012. (622,909,728)
Documents.7z (901,769,023)
2020-12-22 In the previous /ppg/ thread, someone leaks via Secure.7z, containing some of Nintendo's signing keys and security certificates. Secure.7z (570,159,667)
4chan /vp/ discussion of the leaks continues in "ppg leak thread: SHIFT-JIS edition".

4chan /vp/ discussion of the leaks continues in "/ppg/ - waiting for leaks edition".

  • Someone leaks via 3dsram.7z ("moar, rip neimod"), an SVN repository of tools and documentation for 3DS hacking, possibly from Neimod.
  • Someone leaks via Hykem WiiKeyU Summary.docx, an email sent to Nintendo from Hykem (a well-known console hacker including for the Wii U) which contained "personal info of many other homebrew developers" ("he was snitching on people behind their backs so Nintendo would send him cool stuff"); and 3DS SoC.7z, images created by console hackers who decapped the 3DS SoC. The release of hackers' personal information gets the thread deleted.

4chan /vp/ discussion of the leaks continues in "/ppg/ Capumon Christmas Special". ("Who knew that doxing people would get the last thread deleted? How about not doing that this time.")

  • Someone leaks via, containing a debug prototype ROM of Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!; and t210_t214_brom.7z, containing source code for the bootroms of Nintendo Switch (both the original Erista/T210 and the "New" and Lite Mariko/T210B01/T214). (8,671,417,165):
• beluga.nsp (8,671,416,895)
t210_t214_brom.7z (4,684,568):
• (615,977)
• (4,584,166)
2020-12-25 4chan /vp/ discussion of the leaks continues in "/ppg/ leak thread: Disappointment Edition".
2020-12-26 Liam Robertson of DidYouKnowGaming? publishes "WorkBoy: Lost Game Boy Add-on FOUND After 28 Years - Game History Secrets": a video in which he contacts Frank Ballouz, the founder of Fabtek, the company which created the unreleased Workboy peripheral for the Game Boy; and combines a well-preserved Workboy unit that Frank kept, along with the ROM that had leaked on 2020-09-09 in the "Gigaleak 3". ("The software had leaked within only a few weeks of me obtaining the prototype hardware. This wild coincidence wasn't lost on myself and the members of the source team I'd been speaking to.")
2020-12-31 4chan /vp/ discussion of the leaks continues in "/ppg/: "New Years Christmas" edition". ("Apparently, we're getting a leak today"; "but probably not".)
Helix Chamber tweets "Happy New Year from all of us at Helix Chamber!
It has been a tumultuous year for everyone, ourselves included. We apologize for the lack of content, but we are working hard in real life and online! We hope to be able to bring you many interesting articles & discoveries in 2021!"